Healthy Toddler Snacks and Gerber Lil’ Beanies

When Elin first starting eating solid foods, she was a rather healthy eater and on her own omission rejected such unhealthy foods as candy, ice cream, and chips. Over time she has come to understand just what a delight those types of items are and she now loves those types of treats and snacks. Now that she has developed a love for all things salty and sweet, I have been trying to be on the lookout for healthier options. So while we were out on our weekly shopping trip to Target we decided to pick up a can of the Gerber Lil’Beanies White Cheddar and Broccoli.



Elin was immediately intrigued since they look exactly like all the other puffed crisps she enjoys and once I added them to the cart she held on to them and was scared I would change my mind and put them back!


We had to hurry that shopping trip up so that she wouldn’t bust into them right then and there at the store!

I was happy to see that the Gerber Lil Beanies have 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber and 10% daily value of Vitamin E per serving. Not bad!  They are made from navy beans which have a mild flavor and help bring the fiber. Plus, of course they are GMO free and have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

They also come in an original flavor, but my local Target was all out.



Elin  has been enjoying them every day now.  She enjoys eating them outside picnic-style.



I’m looking forward to checking out some of the other healthy Gerber snacks as well.



White Cheddar and Broccoli 









Easter Basket 2016



I adore easter baskets. I love all the pastel colors and all the fun sweet things to put inside them. It’s so hard for me to not go crazy and overboard buying up all the fun little holiday themed items to go inside.

Each year it has gotten even easier to fill the basket because each year Elin likes more candy and treat options. However, in my opinion the perfect Easter basket is a good mixture of toys and candy.


Here is a closer look at the goodies in inside the basket. Almost all the items were purchased from Target aside from the stuffed bunny. Target has the best little seasonal section for stuffing Easter baskets.


A little toy stuffed bunny is a must. I mean, how can you resist? This one is a nice smaller size from Pottery Barn Kids and is literally the softest little bunny in the world. This was not the mini size although those are quite sweet as well.

Lip smackers are a must for Elin right now. She is obsessed with putting on “lip gloss” as she calls it every morning. She usually slathers are 4 or 5 different kinds and she loves to put it on so thick that she gives herself a pink mustache. I really tried to not get the chap stick but I just know she will love it. She will also love the little chick topper which doubles as wee key chain. Something fun to hang on the book bag zipper.

I’m not sure how the hatchable eggs will turn out. I thought they might be fun for her to try out and then the bunny popper is just for a fun toy as well. I’m sure the balls will promptly get lost but I couldn’t resist.

Note: I usually put a book in there and was shocked that I had forgotten. So even though it’s not pictured I found a Easter themed coloring and sticker book.


Now on the edible items. Elin mentioned she was hoping the bunny would bring her a lollipop so I found one in the shape of a Peep and an actual Peep pop. She loves carrots and carrot themed candy so I was excited to find the carrot chocolates, jelly beans, and starburst tube. She has started to really like Sweettarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds so I scooped those up and of course she LOVES Pez. These packs of Pez were a good deal since they came with many refills so she is getting two of those.

I also picked up one of the little cartons of Gold fish crackers. They just looked so springy!


What cool things did you find this year for the Easter basket? Any things that you find to be essentials?


Easter Link up



Disney Princess Mania- Target Dollar Section Spring 2015


The dollar section at Target never disappoints and right now it is completely full of Disney princess gear. The items are perfect for traveling (especially to Disney World!) and for just any Disney loving toddler.

I primarily picked my items based on our upcoming trip and I think I found several new and exciting items that will entertain Elin on the plane, in the hotel, and even waiting in line at the parks.


This item is a cheat because technically this is one of those items that falls in the $3 category. There is a hardcover book with stickers, stencils, and gel pens. We already have an autograph book for all those Disney signatures, but this could work for a cheaper alternative or an extra one.


This is another good sized notebook that I am planning to let Elin carry around to distract her from pawing up her autograph book. Also, the little princess crayons were not in the dollar section but were back in the crayon section for a dollar.


This sticker book is so cute with stickers included. Elin will love this for sure and hopefully it keeps her from sticking the stickers all over herself or the hotel room.


I was super excited to see a Disney princess glow stick! This would be great for anytime but especially for our Disney trip!! I have heard that the parks sell glow sticks but that they are pricey. I don’t think the bath drops are probably worth a dollar but I had to to get them to make her baths more “magical” in Disney! Definitely trying them out in a hotel tub and now our own!


This reusable bag with all the characters is also so fun. It’s a great size and I think it will also make an adorable gift bag for only a dollar.

There you have it. I love seeing what others find at the dollar section, so let me know if you spot anything awesome!

Target Dollar Section: Back to School

Who doesn’t love the dollar section at Target?  I am personally obsessed!  Some of their collections are better than others and recently the dollar section has been awesome!

Elin is not old enough for school yet and she is not in Preschool until next year but I went ahead and got her some workbooks and flashcards because I think she will enjoy looking at them and it never hurts to start purposeful play and learning.


This beautiful clear acrylic container was unfortunately not found in the dollar section but was still a steal in my opinion for $7.99. I love clear acrylic accessories. This one is so similar to this one but the Target version is much more affordable. I love that all her items can be seen easily in this container.


These flashcards looked right up Elin’s alley with Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins. I think she is going to love looking at all the pictures and learning the concepts of identifying the pictures and matching.


Then I noticed these workbooks targeted towards Preschool.  I think they are too advanced for her right now but I was just looking at all the pictures on the cover and the inside thinking how much she would love just looking at the pages and I think this will be great to maybe start closer to when she turns 3.


Then I spotted these cute first reader books and ABC stickers.  I know she will LOVE those stickers and the books.


Other items I saw was this tin for storing crayons.  I think this will be a great way to keep different mixed sets all together and is much more durable than the cardboard boxes the come with the crayons.


My next find that I love are these play packs of a little coloring book, four crayons and a sheet of stickers.  These are perfect to take on dinners out for entertaining and I stocked up for our upcoming vacation.  We have already gotten lots of use from these and it takes Elin awhile to get through a whole pack since there are a decent number of pages to color.  I hope Target continues to carry these.


Last but not lease they have Frozen items in the dollar section!  Most of it was school related and not appropriate for Elin’s age but I love these puzzles!  I know these are advanced as well with 48 pieces but I thought she might enjoy checking them out and watching me put them together.  So basically this was a purchase for me but she might get some educational value by watching me put them together. 🙂


I think I found some great items but I know not all Target’s sell the same things in their dollar sections.  Did anyone else find something interesting that I missed?