Puppet Show

It’s true, I have been neglecting this blog very much. I’ve been working on catching up on various projects and photo books. I am impressively slow at making photo books and I feel like I need to work really hard on them these next few weeks. There is just never enough time to get everything done.

I am very excited to share some keepsake boxes I have been working on as soon as I get them all assembled.

The summer is flying by and I have not shared much of anything Elin has been up to. Here is a random smattering of photos:


Elin attended her first puppet show at the library. We were excited that our local library was bringing in this travel puppeteer and his show. Elin was super excited they they were performing Sleeping Beauty. Anything princess-related is a hit. She loves all the events the library puts on and this was no different. She was so good to sit on the floor with all the kids during the whole 45 min production.

The marionettes were all carved out of wood and were over 60 years old.

None of my photos from the production turned out since it was dark and there were bright spot lights, but we got some photos of Elin with the puppets after.




She was thrilled when they let her go behind the set and check out all the puppets and stage props.


Lately the weather is either stifling hot or raining. A combination of both has left us mostly indoors recently, but a couple of weeks ago Elin enjoyed playing with the granddaughters of a family friend and she had a blast playing with the girls in a motorized car and skateboard.



Last week, Elin mentioned out of the blue that she wanted to bake cookies–so we did. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She helped with the whole process and enjoyed watching them as they baked.




This girl is getting so big and is ready for preschool to start in just a few weeks.

Strawberry Festival 2015

The annual strawberry festival means the beginning of the summer! This year was luckily not as hot as last year. We went in the morning and stayed until early afternoon and then went back after dinner until late for fireworks.

Elin, of course, loved walking to all the different fire trucks and checking them all out.


Love this pic of her giving the thumbs up to the fireman!  She LOVED wearing the earphones. Reminded her of when she wears similar ones on the riding mower with papa.


Look how much she has grown from last year. I think it’s amazing how much older she looks.

Firetruck-2014-2015Ringing the bell was another favorite of the day.


She also got a lesson on wearing a life vest on the water. Sadly she never gets time on a boat so she enjoyed checking out this one on dry land.



This siren they let her press was insanely loud! I can’t believe they let her press it several times.


Then she played on the three different playgrounds forever until we finally dragged her away for lunch and a nap.

IMG_0498 IMG_0492

After her nap time we made it back in time to see lifeline land and got to get a quick look inside before we watched them fly away.

IMG_0482 IMG_0468   

The highlight for Elin was when her good pal Lydia showed up for playground fun and fireworks. These two are two peas in a pod. They looked so cute in their little pink matching bag chairs watching fireworks.


Rosemary Beach 2014


We just got back from a lovely vacation in Rosemary Beach, Florida with Elin’s Nanny and Papa. It was our second time there and we rented out the same house as last year which made things easy and familiar. We drove again this year which is quite a long drive but it went really well again this year and Elin was so awesome in the car going and coming home. I don’t think she cried even once! She was either all smiles and gabbing to everyone, watching her shows on the Ipad and portable DVD player, or sleeping.


Despite the forecast prediction of rain we got lucky and the rain was mostly overnight.  The weather was hot and sunny–perfect beach weather!

We got in town early on Monday morning and after settling into the house, we decided to go to the grocery store to get staples for breakfast and lunch and then we shopped in town.  Elin kept asking to go to the beach so despite the drizzle rain we went to the beach to let her check it out.  We went home for Elin’s nap and then went back to the beach in the afternoon because the weather had turned sunny again.  We were happy to get in some beach time on our first day.  We then pretty much went the beach every morning early and stayed until mid afternoon before going back the house and getting cleaned up before going out for dinner and shopping in the evening.



Elin loved the beach again this year!  She was a little more leery of the water because I think since she is older, she realized the magnitude of how big the ocean is and that was a little overwhelming but she loved it once she got used to it.


She thoroughly enjoyed the sand this year with all her little beach toys.  We all had to draw Mickey in the sand a million times!  She also loved us to write her name.




A fun activity that we did was go on another sunset cruise while we were there.  I highly recommend going on one if you are in there area.  Elin was really cranky the whole time we were on the boat but she was thrilled to see the dolphins and perked up each time she saw them.






Another fun activity is shopping in the picturesque town.




Elin is fond of the two toy stores in the town square, Gigi’s and Fitz and Emme.  She could spend forever in those stores checking everything out.





Rosemary is known too for the celebrity sightings and a few own homes there. I had seen HGTV’s Designer of Design Star, Vern Yip’s house online in this article and so I was super excited to scope out the house and get a look of it it in person.  It looked stunning!



There is a second story outdoor pool over the garage and there are apparently great ocean views from the pool.


To say we were sad to see our vacation come to a close is an understatement.  We had a great time and can’t wait to get back there again soon.


Elin’s First Vacation – Rosemary Beach 2013


I am excited to be getting ready for our vacation in Rosemary Beach and I thought I would document some photos from our vacation last year.  It was Elin’s first vacation and her first time ever at the beach and she loved it!  I cannot wait for her to experience the water and sand again this year.  I think she will love it even more.



Last year, I wanted to find a vacation spot in the country that had beautiful white sand, blue waters and most importantly be more private and exclusive.  I knew that I wanted to rent a house on the beach and not stay in a hotel and I wanted something different and unique.  I originally was thinking of Martha’s Vineyeard or Cape Cod but then I found out about Rosemary Beach.


Rosemary Beach is in Florida, but when you are there you do not feel like you are in Florida.  The town is so cute and quaint–it is more reminiscent of a small European village and the beach is just beautiful.




For Elin’s first vacation, we went with my parents and rented a beautiful house that was so close to the beach and was beautifully decorated and elegant.  From looking at all the homes for beach rental, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the houses. Renting a house as opposed to a hotel was so nice and offered lots of space for a toddling baby and 3 small dogs.





We spent our time at the beach and walking around the town and the neighboring towns in the evening.







We took a dolphin cruise and plan to go again this year.  Elin loves to point out dolphins in books and on her puzzles, so I know she will be so excited to see them in person again.




I am sure she will also love getting a chance to drive the boat again this year.


Even the doggies got to enjoy the beach.

DSCN4291_crop       DSCN4122  DSCN4097


Zoo Family Day

This weekend my husband’s employer had a family day at the zoo.  Truthfully, I am such a bleeding heart for animals that zoos make me really upset.  I used to  buy into thinking that animals liked it there and that they were safe from the dangerous lands they come from.  I now feel horrible for the tight conditions and over crowding in their cages and aquariums.  Buying and selling of animals that no one owns just doesn’t sit right with me.  But, for the sake of not being the weird mom that doesn’t let her kid go to the zoo, we go and I enjoy seeing the animals. Who knows?  Maybe they love it there?  It’s one of those things I try not to think about.

Anyway, we were excited to see the new orangutan exhibit. We first took the little ride around the orangutan exhibit.  We had a longer than expected wait but Elin was very patient and she loved her first ride!  It was nice to see amazing views of the park and city.



Then we got off the ride and got to see one of the orangutans out.  He came right up the glass and was staring at the crowd of people.  Unfortunately all my pictured showed too much glare from the glass but I did get this decent one of him after he walked away.


Then we went to the dolphin show which is was fun but we left right before the end because someone was getting awfully antsy trying to sit still.  Then we went to see the penguins and other aquarium animals.  They had lights out for the penguins and most of them were asleep, much to Elin’s dismay.  Those are her favorite!  But this seal was so cute and loved to get up close to up and followed my hand on the glass.




We didn’t get to catch the butterfly exhibit this time before  it closed, but all in all it was a successful visit to the zoo.

Dog Days of Summer


Today I am so excited to be guest posting for Sara from Running From the Law. She is running a fantastic series on her blog about dogs and babies and I am thrilled to be participating. Sara writes a witty and fun blog about everything from her adorable son and family, to photography tips, to her exciting travels.   I am so excited to share my thoughts with her readers on dogs and babies.  I would love for you to check it out here.

Elin’s First Horse Ride

Elin loves the kids meals at Chik Fil a, especially right now since the toy is Peppa Pig board books. Have you seen the show? It’s so cute!  Anyways, in her last kids meal was a flyer about a kids day, so we went to check it out. I knew Elin would love it since it mentioned a petting zoo. So we made plans to attend with her Nanny and cousin Max.

When we got there, we decided to ride the horses first. Elin is very into horses right now since that is the topic in Gymboree class. She was not shy and was so excited to pet the horse and she was very eager to jump on. Even though I tried to get her to hold on, she wouldn’t. Thank goodness Max was there to hold on for the both of them. I see riding lessons in our future…




Next we decided to see the animals in the petting zoo. There were adorable bunnies, piggies, and these white and fluffy chickens called Silkies.  The next area had sheep and goats. The little baby pigs had little outfits on. Elin loved looking at them and really wanted to get in the pin with them. This ultimately started a major tantrum and as a result, we had to leave. But at least we were there about an hour before that happened.





There were also games and face painting. Max chose to get his face painted like a cow. The other very exciting part for Max was getting his picture with the big cow.  


After the event, Elin and Max had a blast playing kitchen together. There was also a big dance party where they danced like crazy for awhile. It was quite entertaining, but sadly no photos since they were just blurs in my photos.



Elin Lately….


Elin has become quite the chatterbox.  She talks and sings and squeals all the time.  She has been speaking in longer sentences and I have been loving being able to communicate more effectively each day.

She has also become more of  fish in water.  She loves swimming and her baths.


Her hair is growing longer each day.  However, not evenly, so pigtails are still not a good option.

She has become more of a mama’s girl.  She still loves her daddy but she loves cuddling and playing with me more.

She has become Fifi’s new favorite lap to sit on.  If she is sitting still and quiet, then Fifi loves to come and sit with her. It’s quite cute.

She has been considering potty training.  She is ready in the sense she now talks about it a lot and and is getting sick of being in a diaper and knows when she is wet but……..sitting on the potty is still scary and therefore there have been no strides yet.

She is getting sweeter and smarter all the time and more amazing everyday.



Freedom Festival Parade


Elin had a busy and exciting weekend! She had the opportunity to march in our local freedom festival parade with her Gymboree group and she had a fun time. She was in great spirits and had a blast from the minute we got there until we left. We arrived before the parade to find the float and she loved people-watching and dancing to all the loud music. She definitely loves to dance and entertain everyone around her. Our float had some really cool bubble machines on them to continuously blow bubbles and she loved playing with those before the parade started.



I couldn’t get any great photos since I was walking in front of her to lure her to keep walking forward, but I got a few of her walking. Elin clutched a red water balloon throughout the whole parade! They were just meant for the kids to play with before the parade started but true to Elin form she carried it the whole time!ElinParadeShe had a whole cheering section of friends and family but luckily didn’t notice them because I’m pretty sure if she had noticed them she would have ran over to them and we definitely would have fallen behind.

I was so proud of her that she almost walked the entire route and was only picked up at the very end because she was really starting to slow down and I was afraid we were getting too far behind. We had brought her car just in case but we didn’t bring it out at the last minute because I knew she was going to want to walk like a big girl!

We all had a great time and I hope she can participate next year!



Elin at the Pool


On Sunday, Elin went to Nanny and Papa’s pool for the first time this summer. She hasn’t been in a pool since last summer, so I wasn’t sure if she would remember that she loved it last year. I didn’t need to worry because she certainly didn’t forget. She practically jumped in when she first got there.



She loved floating around on her little boat the best.


She didn’t go under water because she wanted to keep her sunglasses on the entire time.  She is a diva about her sunglasses!



She would have stayed there all day but we had to cut the pool fun short due to getting to another event later that evening. But, I think it’s safe to say she remembers her love of the pool from last year and she is ready to be a little fish and swim lots this summer.