Do you want to build a snowman–in July?

Elin and I tried a new a modeling clay called Floof and it’s amazing!

Elin is a huge fan of playing with play dough and clay, so I knew she would love playing with this new feather-light substance called Floof. It’s smooth and airy light and feels like you playing with marshmallows without being sticky at all. You have to feel it to believe it!

This is one of those toys that is actually fun for me to play with her. She always loves me to play with her and I love that this keeps our hands busy and we can create virtually anything and have a million different ways we can play with it.


We used the snowball maker set. It came with six different molds in three different sizes. Elin liked using them to make snowmen rather than snowballs per se, so I know she would have loved the little set that actually includes all the little accessories to create a snowman–right down the carrot nose and little scarf.





Elin loved pretending that it was snow. As someone who is always looking for fun ideas for kids parties, this would be so adorable to play with at a Frozen birthday party!



I love that it comes in its own bucket for storage. Everything must have a home in the toy closet!


Another one of my favorite features of this innovative compound is that it’s less messy than some other popular clays out there. It stays together better and doesn’t leave little balls of clay all over the place. It stayed better clumped together. Definitely a win in my book.

We have truly loved playing with Floof and recommend it to any kids over the age of 3. This product was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.

Back to Work

I haven’t had much time to blog lately because last week was my last week at home and this past Tuesday was my first day back at work after maternity leave. It’s good to be getting back into my work routine but also sad. Those 12 weeks went by super fast! I can’t believe that Grayson is already 3 months.

Lucky for me I have lovely co-workers who have been amazing. They have welcomed me back with lovely notes and cards and they decorated my office for my arrival back to work.

I wanted to share some cute photos from Grayson’s first 4th of July. The weather was rainy and not awesome during the holiday weekend which was a bummer. I was hoping to get him into the pool for the first time. But we did celebrate Nanny’s birthday with a cookout. Today is her actual birthday so a huge, “Happy Birthday” to my mom and the kids’ Nanny. We all love you!



This picture cracks me up because they are both in the same position.



Princess Tea 2016

A couple of weeks ago I took Elin to a Princess Tea put on by the show choir of our local high school. I had heard about it last year but it was too late to sign up by the time I heard about it, so this year I signed her up as soon as I heard that tickets were available.


I was very happy to see that our Cinderalla dress from Disney World still fit well. Unfortunately, she had grown out of the special clear slippers so she had to wear regular sandals.

I was so impressed when we got to the school and they had the entrance into the auditorium decorated and a line of fairy godmothers waiting to take each child to get hair and nails done.


Elin was very excited to pick her nail polish color and get her nails all done up. The experience was very similar to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique complete with a sprinkling of magic fairy dust and the magical words to transform into a princess.




Elin was very concerned about getting nail polish on the dress and took extra precaution to let her nails dry.


Then after hair and makeup the girls were lead out to long banquet tables set up on the stage where they had a snack of a pink cupcake, grapes, goldfish crackers, and pink lemonade.



After they ate, they had coloring sheets of each princess to color and much like Disney, this was used as their autograph book. Each princess was announced and came out across the stage and then came around to each girl and signed their coloring pages and talked to them. It was so cute to see Elin get really excited as each one would get closer to her.



After all the princesses had come around to each girl, it was story time and two princesses read two stories. Then they had a sing- and dance-a-long that Anna and Elsa taught the girls to Frozen’s, “Love is an Open Door”.


After stories and dancing there, was an opportunity to get pictures with each princess. All the princesses were so nice to each girl and made them feel so special.







Elin seriously had the best time. It was such a fun activity to do and such a great way for the show choir to raise money. If they do it again next year, we will sign up again for sure.


I love this picture of Elin and her pal Lydia checking each other out after their transformation.



That school was packed with other things going on like basketball camps, cheerleading camps, and various other sports goings on and so the girls ran into Elin’s cousin Max. I think he thought it was pretty silly to see them all done up like princesses running around in the school.


Super Wings


Elin loves to watch shows on Sprout everyday as she is eating breakfast and usually in the evening when she is winding down before bed. One of favorites she has been loving is Super Wings.

Super Wings follows an adorable plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends must work together to solve. The show focuses on creatively solving problems. They visit many different cities and countries showing off different cultures and customs.

Elin was excited to receive two of the character toys. She received Jett and Dizzy which are her favorites because Jett is the little brother to Dizzy. She thinks that is so fun since that is like her and Grayson.





These toys are so fun because they transform from a plane or helicopter to robots, thus giving more options and ways to play.



Elin has been taking them outside to play with everyday and she wants to take them to the pool with us this weekend.




It’s been interesting to play with them with her because she has me go over what everything is called on the plane and helicopter like the wings, propellers, and the wheels.

You can check out all the different characters here.


Doesn’t Dizzy have such a sweet face? She is my favorite.


Tinkerbell Birthday Party

This weekend started off not so great with Elin having a bad fall on Friday night, but it ended on a high note with a fun third birthday party for Elin’s friend Lydia.

Elin has been eagerly anticipating her friend Lydia’s 3rd birthday for quite some time. The theme was Tinkerbell and woodland fairies and everything was decorated perfectly.


Each girl had fairy wings waiting for her at the table and Elin was so excited to get hers on right away.



I think this picture is so cute because Elin was telling Lydia all about her eye.


I didn’t get a picture of the food table before the girls had quickly started filling their plates, but you can still see all the cute creative ideas. I especially loved the grape caterpillars, the pretzel twigs, the bark cookies, and the cookie wands.



Then the girls worked on making adorable fairy houses! This was seriously such an adorable craft idea!



Then it was time for candles and cake.



Unfortunately I did not get a good shot of the girls together. Elin was not thrilled that it was time to go so she would not smile. These two girls spend a lot of time together and are such good friends!


Elin was so excited to dig into her goodie bag and play with her wings and wand as soon as we got home.



Didn’t the fairy house turn out so cute?! It was such a fun and creative idea. The pixie dust was another fun take home goodie.  Lydia’s mom, Megan seriously outdid herself with all the attention to detail.


Frozen on Ice


This little girl was extremely excited this past holiday weekend to go see Disney’s Frozen on Ice! We headed downtown early with Nanny to get dinner and then we headed to the area.

We purchased one over-priced princess wand that Elin loves! It is rather cool and of all the stuff they sold, we thought it would be the most useful.


The wand kept her entertained all during the wait for the show to start and even during the event. She went down to get pictures near the edge of the ice and desperately wanted to get on the ice but understood that she was not allowed.


We were so excited to have pretty awesome seats straight on.

The show started with some special guests performing before the production of Frozen. Elin was happily surprised to see Minnie, Mickey, and all the princesses!



Then it was time for the main show. We went to another Disney ice show last winter that went through many songs and stories and I liked how this show went through the entire movie. Of course the music is great and ever so catchy.





All the set pieces were pretty amazing. We loved the sleigh and the snow monster!



If Frozen on Ice is coming to your area, I highly recommend it. The minute we left, Elin was asking to go back and watch it again! She has looked at all our pictures several times and has been pretending to skate around the house.  

My Little Mermaid


This summer Elin has become a huge fan of the water. I almost signed her up for swimming lessons but decided to wait another year. Despite the lack of formal education in aquatics, she has taken it upon her self to learn how to swim better each and every time she gets in the pool.

She swims during the week with her friend Lydia at our neighborhood pool and on the weekends she usually loves to go to her Nanny and Papa’s house.


Can you tell Elin was excited to get to swim with her cousin, Max?


This particular day they enjoyed floating since the water was a little chilly.


I think Elin looks like a little mermaid here. She was checking out a caterpillar and sat up and just sat like this for awhile.


One nice thing about going to Nanny and Papa’s pool is being able to bring Angel along. She enjoys sunning herself on the deck and enjoys the company of everyone around her. I’m glad she can come along and get some extra time with us and outdoors. It is sad though to not be able to bring Fifi along. She loved to sit along the pool as well.


This past weekend Elin got to swim again. She is trying to get in as much time as possible before the pool season is over.


She really learned to swim around the pool a lot without assistance. Of course she had her puddle jumper on, but still I was impressed by how far she has come from earlier in the season. She also has no fear in jumping from the side of the pool into someone’s arms.




Family Fun Night/Day

Elin had her first family fun night at her school last Friday. I knew she would be extremely excited to go, so we went and brought her Nanny and Papa. They had several bounce houses, a DJ, the playground, and later in the evening they projected a Disney movie.

Elin was a little timid at first about the bounce houses since there were several older kids, but she was eager to show us her playground and all the things she could do.


Isn’t this the most interesting merry go round? I think it was so cute that they could pedal as they rode. I think Elin was excited that the older girls were letting her play with them.


After playing on the playground and dancing near the DJ area, she finally decided it was time to bounce and she had the best time. I’m so glad she had a wonderful time and that she is so excited to go to events like this at her school.


The next day she was in for more family fun at an employee family fun day and the baseball stadium.


She had even more bounce house fun. Elin and the other little girls she played with just squealed with joy the whole time.



She played some other carnival like games and enjoyed getting a couple balloon animals.



Isn’t this Ariel balloon animal so cute?!?! I thought that was cutest balloon animal I ever saw! It has amazingingly survived the weekend and Elin is still playing with it.


The Night Before the First Day of Preschool



It’s the night before the first day of 3 year old Preschool. The back pack is laid out by the front door. Your first assignment which was decorating your paper apple for the classroom team is all decorated and safely tucked away in your backpack. Your student identification number is affixed to to the visor of the car ready to pick you up. Your outfit is carefully laid out to ensure a quick morning routine to allow for plenty of time for picture taking. Your very first “My First Day of Preschool” sign is ready and waiting for those momentous photos to be taken. Your first Bible verse is mostly memorized. We have read all your favorite books about going to school and sung all your favorite songs. We said a prayer before bed about your first day and prayed for a fantastic school year. You are officially ready for Preschool.

I am so excited for you that you are about to embark on your first school experience. I think you are going to love everything about it. You certainly have loved meeting your teacher and visiting the classroom twice now. I know that although we have read many books on the subject, you probably don’t grasp what school will really be like until you experience it for the first time. You are already so smart and adaptable that I do not have any worry at all that you won’t jump in head first and immediately start enjoying all the things that Preschool has to offer.

My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to help you be prepared throughout the school year by helping you memorize your memory verses, help you with any assignments you may have,  and make myself aware of all your field trips, events, and school programs.

Together we will conquer Preschool!

Love always,





Summer Activities

Elin is going to be starting preschool in just 2 short weeks! She is beyond excited and I am thrilled for her because I think she is going to love it and learn a lot. She will be going three days a week and she will still have dance class on one of her days off from school, so pretty soon her schedule will get busier than ever. She has been able to do many fun things with her friends this summer and I’m sure she will pack more in before summer is over. The following photos are of some of her favorite activities with her friends.

Elin is always up for the park and the swings are her absolute favorite. She meets there for play dates a lot during the day and sometimes we go in the evening after I get home from work. The park has not been my favorite place lately with the heat. I’m looking forward to the days where you go and wear long sleeves without the need of coats yet, but when the sun is out it’s still very warm.



 She just went there this weekend with her friend Kelsey.  These two were all smiles.





Swimming is another favorite of Elin’s right now. She usually gets to go during the day while I am work. Her Nanny takes her and she meets up with her friend, Lydia.




Elin and Lydia get to do many fun activities together like going to story time each week, dance class, and sometimes the zoo.



Can you tell she is enjoying her dance class?


Elin also loves anytime she gets to spend with her cousins, Ethan and Max. She sure will miss them when they go back to school soon.