Easter Basket 2016



I adore easter baskets. I love all the pastel colors and all the fun sweet things to put inside them. It’s so hard for me to not go crazy and overboard buying up all the fun little holiday themed items to go inside.

Each year it has gotten even easier to fill the basket because each year Elin likes more candy and treat options. However, in my opinion the perfect Easter basket is a good mixture of toys and candy.


Here is a closer look at the goodies in inside the basket. Almost all the items were purchased from Target aside from the stuffed bunny. Target has the best little seasonal section for stuffing Easter baskets.


A little toy stuffed bunny is a must. I mean, how can you resist? This one is a nice smaller size from Pottery Barn Kids and is literally the softest little bunny in the world. This was not the mini size although those are quite sweet as well.

Lip smackers are a must for Elin right now. She is obsessed with putting on “lip gloss” as she calls it every morning. She usually slathers are 4 or 5 different kinds and she loves to put it on so thick that she gives herself a pink mustache. I really tried to not get the chap stick but I just know she will love it. She will also love the little chick topper which doubles as wee key chain. Something fun to hang on the book bag zipper.

I’m not sure how the hatchable eggs will turn out. I thought they might be fun for her to try out and then the bunny popper is just for a fun toy as well. I’m sure the balls will promptly get lost but I couldn’t resist.

Note: I usually put a book in there and was shocked that I had forgotten. So even though it’s not pictured I found a Easter themed coloring and sticker book.


Now on the edible items. Elin mentioned she was hoping the bunny would bring her a lollipop so I found one in the shape of a Peep and an actual Peep pop. She loves carrots and carrot themed candy so I was excited to find the carrot chocolates, jelly beans, and starburst tube. She has started to really like Sweettarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds so I scooped those up and of course she LOVES Pez. These packs of Pez were a good deal since they came with many refills so she is getting two of those.

I also picked up one of the little cartons of Gold fish crackers. They just looked so springy!


What cool things did you find this year for the Easter basket? Any things that you find to be essentials?


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Easter and Four Egg Hunts

Elin celebrated her Easter with many celebrations and four Easter egg hunts. The first egg hunt took place on Saturday at my parents’ church. We showed up on on the time but apparently the egg hunt had just started. Despite a late start, Elin found tons of eggs and we had to cut her off from collecting them because her basket was actually overflowing. After the egg hunt, she had a great time going through all her eggs and finding all the candy, toys, and stickers inside.



The next day on Easter she was so excited to get downstairs and see what the bunny had brought her. She was thrilled with her basket of goodies. The standout item was the Cinderella magic clip doll, of course! She was so excited to get them out and immediately start playing.









Angel decided to pose and look cute with the Easter basket.


The bunny of course dropped off some eggs in the yard to hunt which was fun to look for. The morning was so beautiful and springy. Perfect Easter weather.






Then it was off to Nana and Papa’s for Easter lunch and another Easter egg hunt. Elin had a fun time playing with her cousins and getting another basket of goodies.




Then later in the afternoon, she went on another egg hunt at my husband’s sister’s house. Her Oma made her a basket to collect all her eggs in.

She got lots of goodies at all her celebrations and had so much fun.



Spring/Easter Decor

I finally put out our Spring/Easter decor yesterday and I thought I would share since I like decor and getting ideas from all sources. I am slowly starting to purchase items since Elin has been old enough to enjoy them. I was purposely waiting until now so that she could help pick items out with us and be a part of the process.

This year I have some spring blooms out with a bunny frame I purchased last year when we went to get our Easter bunny photos. As soon as we see the bunny this year, I will replace the photo.


I purchased this bunny plate from Hobby Lobby and the little bunny in the cloche is a little bunny I purchased for Elin last year from Von Maur right after she got her picture taken with the Easter bunny. I was so thrilled with her smile during the photo that when we walked by this little bunny on display, she just had to have him. Unfortunately, he is not intended  for children and he was already starting to fall apart, so I just made him a part of our decor this year. She already spotted him and wanted to play with him, but I talked her out of it.


I love the bunny garland we got from Pottery Barn Kids last year and I put it up again in the same spot across the fireplace.


I used an apothecary jar from one of Elin’s birthday parties and just put in some Spanish moss and pastel Easter eggs from Michaels. I love all the creative ideas for using apothecary jars and for changing them out often.


These sweet bunnies are from Von Maur. I thought they were perfect for the sunroom.


My newest addition is this boxwood bunny from Von Maur. He is so simple, but I love him!


Elin’s room decor is her egg snow globe she got when she meet the bunny with her picture in it and her little bunny bank from Pottery Barn kids. I have a feeling we will craft a few items for the walls.



Spring Five Favorites






Since Spring is officially here I thought I would spruce up the house with pretty springy flowers. Tulips and hydrangeas are some of my favorites. I bought  two big bouquets of white and blue hydrangeas over the weekend and unfortunately this small stem is all that remains. The vase is re-purposed from one of my wedding showers. I think the green and white ribbons add a cute touch.



Nothing says spring like some jelly beans and these sparkly Jelly Belly beans are so pretty. They are the Disney Princess edition ones and they are incredibly hard to find. I found them in the Easter section at Target.



Even though Elin has tons of books, I can’t stop buying them. Easter books are especially precious and I found these two adorable books this week.  The illustrations are gorgeous! I haven’t read them to her yet, but  looking through them quickly, they look like they will be so cute.



I about died when I saw this little outdoor furniture set for kids at Costco! I think I need to run back and get it for Elin. I am hoping it’s still there! I should have never passed on something that was chevron patterned for kids!



Last but certainly not least, my nephew Ethan is turning 9 in a few short days! How he can possibly be 9 I do not know! He is so smart and the best little athlete I know.  He is the best baseball and basketball player and he makes everyone so proud.



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