Elin Lately….


Elin has become quite the chatterbox.  She talks and sings and squeals all the time.  She has been speaking in longer sentences and I have been loving being able to communicate more effectively each day.

She has also become more of  fish in water.  She loves swimming and her baths.


Her hair is growing longer each day.  However, not evenly, so pigtails are still not a good option.

She has become more of a mama’s girl.  She still loves her daddy but she loves cuddling and playing with me more.

She has become Fifi’s new favorite lap to sit on.  If she is sitting still and quiet, then Fifi loves to come and sit with her. It’s quite cute.

She has been considering potty training.  She is ready in the sense she now talks about it a lot and and is getting sick of being in a diaper and knows when she is wet but……..sitting on the potty is still scary and therefore there have been no strides yet.

She is getting sweeter and smarter all the time and more amazing everyday.



Strawberry Fesitval and Walks

Busy work weeks lately have made fun weekends oh so precious. Weekends are great, but they fly by and there is never enough time to get in everything I want to do. However, this past weekend we were able to put away to the “to-do” list and just relax and enjoy the early summer.

On Saturday, we attended a local strawberry festival. Elin loved running around checking out all the happenings. She got to see firetrucks and ambulances up close for the first time and even get in them and roam around. The highlight was getting her very own fireman’s hat that she wore the entire time we were there. It was super cute but lightweight and a little too big for her so the wind kept blowing it off her head and we had to constantly chase it down.

PicMonkey Collage

She also was enthralled with the miniature planes they had on show and were flying. Her favorite was this huge one. I think she was plotting ways to get close enough to check out the doll they had in there.

No trip to a strawberry festival would be complete without trying the strawberry shortcake! She was not a fan. She took one bite of the strawberries and cake and decided she had enough and that she would walk around and dance while the others around her were entertained by her. She can be quite the ham.

Later that evening she went to out to eat with me, her Nanny, and a family friend.

Sunday she woke up all smiles and couldn’t get enough of playing peek-a-boo with her blankets and a plethora of stuffed animals.


The highlight of my Sunday was taking an extra long walk with Elin and the dogs. It’s amazing to me that just a few years ago the chihuahuas would run out in front of us practically pulling us along because they had so much energy. Sadly, they are pretty slow and can’t keep up as much so they took turns and sometimes simultaneously rode in Elin’s car with her. She loved having the company and petting them. I think they looked so cute all sitting in the car together.




Head Stands in Play Shoes

The past couple of weeks, Elin has been really into wearing dress up shoes or even just wearing my flip flops around the house. She has two favorite things she does in dress up shoes: she likes to push around her baby stroller, or she stands on her head. I have no idea why she suddenly became fascinated with standing on her head but she does it all the time and almost always its when she has dress up shoes or my shoes on. She is so silly.




She also loves to run and put on shoes when she hears singing in her shows because for some reason she likes to dance around with her dress up shoes on.


It’s amazing to me how one minute she can be so happy and playing in her shoes and the next she has a total tantrum over something. I know that the two year tantrums are nothing new to anyone and everyone finds them painful to witness, but I try to remember that as painful as they are  I am so grateful to have a healthy two year old who has the ability to go through a tantrum. It shows me that she is developmentally on track and reminds me that sometimes what I take for granted could be someones else’s wish.

Plus, without the tantrums, a little girl’s silliness might not be as appreciated.


New Seasons, New Tricks

As Elin gets older and the seasons change it’s so much fun to see what more she can do comparatively from the last season. She is learning so much each and every day and grasping new concepts that’s it’s hard to keep up with what she now knows!  She recently spotted a watering can at her Nana and Papa’s and knew immediately what to do with it.  We don’t water flowers at home so I am not sure how she knew but she must have been paying attention to someone either on her cartoons or in a book.  She did a good job watering the flowers and then watering the patio so she could jump in the puddles.  Her Papa would use the bigger watering can to fill her small little one and she quickly caught on and was able to fill her own can with water with little assistance.  I’m sure she is going to be a big help to them this summer!

It’s going to be so much fun to discover all the new tricks she has learned this summer and to see her enjoy more things.






In sad news I wanted to share this picture of Teddy and his family.  I did this post in honor of him and his fight with Menkes Syndrome.  His story is another reminder of what a miracle each day is and how fortunate I am to have a healthy toddler.




Singing and Dancing in the Rain



The past couple of days have been rainy and dreary which has not been conducive to Elin’s love of being outdoors.

Yesterday evening the rain finally subsided and there was a brief period of sunshine and rainbows. Elin took full advantage and went outside to splash in the puddles and dance around. I think she would sleep outside if we let her. It amazes me how much she loves being outside. If Elin is getting upset or crying I can always  say, “Do you want to go outside?” and I can usually get her to perk up.


I love these pictures that capture Elin in her happy dance sequence.


Check out this awesome rainbow. I think Elin was truly mystified that she suddenly saw a band of colors in the sky!


I hope I always remember how absolutely joyous she is when she is outside and exploring the world.  The sounds of birds and the sight of flowers is purely magical to her right now.


Check out these dance moves in a gif!




Elin’s Spring Favorites



Easter Bunnies Book, Gymboree Bubbles, Pottery Barn Bunnies, Activity Mat, Gap Eyelet Top, Annie’s Bunny Mix


Elin gets on kicks of things whether it’s saying certain words, playing with the same toys, or wanting to eat the same things. Here is a compilation of some things that she is currently enjoying:

She loves books of all kinds, but right now she loves this Easter Babies book because it combines her love of counting and farm animals. This is a really cute book about animals and spring.

Bubbles are another favorite. Gymboree bubbles are by far the best. Those bubbles float longer and seem to last longer before popping.

Elin always loves stuffed animals and she has been loving her gray bunny she got for her birthday last year. She loves saying “bunny” and “easter bunny”. This bunny has the softest ears!

Emily from Dear Owen graciously gifted us with this lovely activity mat and Elin loves counting all the eggs and pointing out the chicks.

This blue flutter sleeve shirt from Gap is so great because it’s light-weight and flowy. I like how we can pair it with different jackets to get lots of use out of it.

Elin loves to try some new snacks and this little bunny mix is her new favorite. It has cheddar crackers and pretzels in the shape of her new favorite animal and word, “bunny”. This word is said no less than 100 times as she eats this snack.



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Joyful Heart


On Monday nigth when I was putting Elin to bed she said the words I have been waiting and waiting for her to say. She said, “I love you.” I was so excited to finally hear her utter those words! To say that my heart was happy and joyful is an understatement!

She is in a major repeating stage so even though I know she just said that phrase because I say it to her hundreds of times a day, it still made me happy because at least I know she hears us say that to her, even if she doesn’t fully understand what it means.

She said those precious words again on Wednesday night. I hope this is the start of hearing her sweet voice say those words over and over again for a lifetime.


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Nana and Papa

Something that I am very thankful for is for having the luxury of having Elin watched during the day by my mother while I am at work. Elin loves spending time with her and playing at her house. They have routines where they go to gymboree classes, the park, and story times at the library. They also go on special outings to the zoo and children’s museum.


This week, Elin and my mom got to go to the zoo with my sister and nephews. I’m so glad she also gets to spend time with them when they are out of school.



Elin also loves when her Papa comes home from work. Even though he has worked all day, he always drops everything and plays with her until I get off work and to their house to pick her up.



I am so happy and blessed to have both of the parents so close in my life and that Elin gets to spend lots of quality time with them as well.



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Bath Time: Woes to Happiness


Most babies love bath time, but for a long time Elin despised bath time! She would scream and cry the entire time she was in the bath. I have no idea why, but I guess she just didn’t like the feeling of water. We made sure the water was nice and warm and we had plenty of toys for her, but she was not a fan. Needless to say, Elin’s bath time was not enjoyed by anyone giving her the bath.


She slowly started to get better and better at enjoying her bath and sometime around 16 months, she fully made the switch and started loving her baths! I have no idea what changed her mind, but I am so thankful that it is not a tortuous occasion for her and now she loves it.


Elin gets very excited for her bath time now. She has many squirt toys, bath books, and lots of stacking cups that keep her happy. She still does not like the shampooing because of water getting on her face, but she just whines a little when I do that. I try to tip her head back but she always forcefully looks down and therefore the water drips down her face.


It might just be a little part of our day but it’s now so much enjoyable that she has embraced the bath instead of feared it.



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The Girlies


Obviously Elin is my only human baby and she gets mentioned a lot on this blog, but I don’t talk about my first fur babies very much. I have two of the sweetest fur babies in all the world. I adopted Fifi and Angel in October of  2003.  A lovely kind woman who owns a local pet grooming shop rescued them and fostered them until I adopted them from her. I have always heard that “You don’t find your pets–that they find you.” and I never understood what that meant until they came into my life. It’s completely serendipitous  that I was able to get them because there were a few different candidates that were in line ahead of me to adopt the girls but all of them miraculously fell through.


Fifi is estimated to be the oldest of the two sisters and she is very sweet and loving. She is the smaller of the two and barely weighs 6lbs. She is very gentle and loves to be as close as possible to me.  She has more of an easygoing personality, but she is more protective of me.


Angel has a little bit more sass to her. She is very sweet as well, but she has more energy and loves to play with and carry around little plush stuffed animals. They both love to take walks and take naps in the sun. People always stop and ask us if the girls are twins and then they ask how we can tell them apart.

They are so well behaved. Well, if you meet them you might not think so because they do bark at strangers and people who ring the doorbell. But, honestly this is the only major negative thing they do. They are very good about listening to commands and following directions. They go happily in their crate while we are gone at work and they never tear anything up.

One of the things I was worried about when I was pregnant is how they would act when a baby came into their life. They were always the center of attention in our world. When we brought Elin home, they were not impressed. They were not mean to her–they just ignored her as if she didn’t exist. They have slowly become accustomed to her and now they will walk up her and allow her to pet them and they cuddle close to her–Fifi more so than Angel.

Chihuahua Christmas

Chihuahua Christmas

They have been one of the biggest blessings in my life and have changed it for the better. I worry very much about  them aging, but so far we have been very blessed that they are healthy and strong. I always remind them that they are still my first babies.



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