Christmas Pajamas 2016

I was so excited to get Elin and Grayson matching Christmas pajamas this year!  I always go overboard and have tons of holiday themed pairs for Elin and Gryason got his fair share this year as well.  But, these personalized matching sets are my favorite!  I ordered these way back in the summer when I was still on maternity leave!  Apparently that is when a lot of shops take pre-orders for the holidays and I jumped on the chance to order early.  I remember being nervous about sizing for Grayson but I think I picked pretty well.  I also remember that I could not believe he would be sitting by Christmas and so excited for that milestone to come!

Elin did pretty good for their pictures together.  It’s hard to get them to both look at me and smile at the same time so I only got one good shot of that but I think the other shots are cute as well.






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Christmas Pajamas 2016

It’s Christmas Pajama time! I love to see all the cute little kids all decked out in their Christmas pajamas. I got Elin and Grayson two different sets of personalized ones this year. Plus, lots of non-personalized holiday sets as well.

I am co-hosting a little linkup with a few of my favorite bloggers. I would love for you to join us for a fun linkup showing off your kiddos Christmas pajamas and where you found them. The linkup will run from Dec 15-22. More details to come.

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Halloween Pajama & Costume Party

Halloween season is officially here!  I have never been a huge fan of the holiday but it’s so much better with kids! Elin is so excited to go to the pumpkin patch, jump in the leaves and of course dressing up and getting candy.  I can’t wait to experience all that with her and now Grayson.  Since it is so much to see all the little ones in their adorable costumes, Halloween themed pajamas and enjoying the Halloween festivities and parties; I have teamed up with some of my favorite blogger’s for a fun link up.   Take lots of your pictures of you little goblin’s and ghosts and linkup with us Oct 27-Nov 3rd.

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Elin at the Window

Elin loves playing in the sun room and she especially loves looking out the big picture window. As soon as she could pull herself to a stand, she was standing on her tiptoes and gazing out the window. She is always talking and pointing at the birds in the trees out the window and she also likes to look out at the golfers on the course behind our house.

Everyday after work, I pick her up from my mom’s house and when we get home, the first thing we do is let the dogs out of their crate and take them outside. In the warmer weather, Elin loves to come outside with me, but during the winter months she has to stay inside and she stands at the back window the whole time. She smiles and waves and most recently, she stands there and blows kisses the whole time I am outside. I think it’s the sweetest thing and I don’t want to forget the memory of her standing there. She is always so happy and all smiles the whole time. I can hear her in the there chanting “hi, hi, hi” over and over.

Not only do I love the fact that I know where she is and she not getting into mischief, but I think it’s just so very sweet. Pretty soon it will be warm enough for her to come out with me and she will just love that.

It may just be a little moment of our day, but it’s something that brings a smile to my face every time. I know that someday probably all too soon she will no longer find it exciting to watch me take the dogs out and I won’t see her cheerful face in the window.



Linking up with Jess and Ashley for the Little Things link up.

Bed, Books, and Ballet


I am thrilled to be  linking up again with Jess and Ashley for the Little Things link up.


Something that may seem little or insignificant is a nightly routine, but my daughter Elin’s nightly routine is very special to me and her. Every evening after she gets her pajamas on, we sit in her pink chair and read anywhere from three to eight (depending on how tired she is) books.


Then when I get up to turn off her light, I turn on her piano music box. She received this box from us for her first birthday. When you turn the piano on by pressing the keys, it plays music, lights up, and tiny ballet dancers twirl around and appear to be dancing. It’s so detailed and Elin loves it! She loves to watch it, but perhaps her favorite part now is that when I turn it on, I twirl her around and dance. She has the biggest smile on her face and she laughs the most precious laugh.


Then the next part of the routine is turning off the light and rocking her in her rocking chair a couple minutes. Long enough to sing, “You are my Sunshine” and then “You are my Elin” to the tune of “You are my Sunshine”. Honestly, she doesn’t need this part at all anymore, but I do it anyway because I like this part. Especially because she lays her head on my shoulder and holds my hand. She doesn’t sit still very long during the day, so this moment in the bedtime routine is very precious to me.

It may just be a “little thing”, but Elin loves it and I think she loves that she can expect it every time I am the one to put her to sleep. Elin has been the best sleeper and miraculously she has never had any issues with waking up at odd hours of the night. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but I like to think her consistent and happy bedtime routine has something to do with it. I hope she continues to love her stories, music box, and rocking before bed.


It’s the Little Things Link-Up

Today I am participating in my first link-up! I was thrilled to learn about this link series with Jess and Ashley because the topic is just perfect for my blog theme.


My special little moment happened on a busy Saturday the week after Christmas. Our Saturdays tend to be filled with many errands after Elin’s Gymboree class and this weekend was no different. In fact, we went on many extra errands for post-holiday storage containers and specialty items. Elin is always very good in the car and even though I know she doesn’t enjoy shopping and errands, she is usually pretty good—today was no exception. Despite the recent cold, it was sunny and unusually warm for that time of year, so after being cooped up in the car, I decided to take Elin to our local park. We got lucky and there was hardly anyone there! This was not surprising since it was a holiday weekend in December but, it was so nice out. Elin had such a blast swinging and getting some time outdoors.


As I was swinging her and watching her smile and giggle, I kept thinking about how it was so nice to do an activity that was completely for her benefit and not be distracted by anything. If I am playing at home with Elin, I get distracted by looking around the room and noticing all the toys that need put away or looking at the floors that need to be vacuumed. Even the dogs will come along and distract me by barking or demanding to be petted (they are still jealous about sharing time with Elin). At the park, I find that I can completely focus on her and be more in the moment with her. I make it a point to never have my phone out texting or sending emails. If my phone is out at the park, it’s solely to take pictures of Elin.

It was just one of those moments that was simple but sweet and reminded me to make time to completely focus on her and nothing else. Even though she is not old enough to completely tell me what she would rather to be doing throughout the day, her smiles and attitude let me know she was appreciative of a spontaneous side trip to the park in December.