Five Recent Purchases

I haven’t done a five on Friday in awhile and I thought I would join up today. This is one of those weeks were I just happen to have purchased a lot of random items. I love to see what other people buy and so I thought I would share five items I purchased this week. As a disclaimer, I don’t shop like this every week.


 Kenneth Cole Boots

I was at Von Maur early in the week and I noticed some Kenneth Cole brown boots in the sale area that I had considered getting Elin in the fall. I passed on them earlier but to my surprise, the $50 boots were on clearance for $12! I thought the price was a mistake and that they must have marked them wrong but when I asked the clerk he said they weren’t! Since brown boots like that won’t go out of style any time soon, I made sure to get some in Elin’s size for next fall/winter.




West Elm Blanket

Another deal I came across this week that I could not pass up was this beautiful ivory throw blanket. I need another blanket like I need a hole in the head, but I love this blanket and….wait for it……it was normally $100 marked down to $24.99! Say what?!?! It has sequins! I think it’s just to die for. Doesn’t everyone need a sequin blanket in their life? I went to find this online and sadly it’s not longer on line, but perhaps still available in stores.




Valentine Chairbacker

I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s decor around the house, so I decided rather late in the season to buy this chairbacker. It’s adorable and I don’t know why I didn’t order one sooner. Bonus: they went on sale this week. Sadly, I bought mine right before they did. I guess you win some and lose some.



Kendra Scott Earrings

I love Kendra Scott earrings and I checked out their site and saw they had their Spring line out. I had to get this rose quartz  color. However, I love so many of the spring colors that are out!



YSL Tint and Oil

No shopping trip to the mall is complete without a Sephora run and somehow I can’t leave without finding something amazing and life changing. This lip product is seriously like nothing I have ever tried before. It looks like a lipgloss on but is an oil and, although that sounds weird, it feels very moisturizing on. But the best part is it leaves a stain that seriously lasts forever! I only bought one in the Peach Me Love color, but I think I love it so much that I will purchase another for sure.


Five Faves

I take a lot of photos with my phone during the week. A lot of them are blurry and out of focus and just plain bad because I don’t even usually pay attention. I just snap away hoping for some good shots. I’m always really excited to get some decent shots that I want to keep. Here are my favorite five from this week:

I love the smile on Elin’s face and her hair blowing in the wind as she zooms down the sidewalk on her little popper. She was having the best time.


I tried to take a nice picture of Elin sitting on the stairs and at the last minute she lifted up her shirt! I was so shocked. She was saying, “Belly button” over and over. Silly girl! So much for a nice photo!


The next few photos are from her cousin Max’s baseball game. I love the photo of her sitting in her small bag chair watching the game. I don’t think she would sit in it longer than 2 minutes at a time but she did it over and over again between collecting rocks and roaming around checking out the people sitting next to her.


The next two photos are after the game and when Max came out to see everyone and Elin was so excited, she starting jumping for joy! She just loves him to pieces.


The last photo is my absolute favorite–I love that she is clutching his baseball photo and posing with a picture with him at the same time.


1 Week to Go

Here are my top five tidbits for this week.


Elin had a major milestone this week–she slept in a regular bed!  She still has never attempted to escape her crib so we are leaving her in there at night, but during the day while I am work, her Nana started putting her in the bed this week with a toddler rail on it and she slept just fine.  I am so proud of her for being a big girl!



My mom found this unopened letter from my one of my nephews to me.  I believe it was from a long time ago and somehow got lost in their toys,  I opened it up and saw a beautiful drawing of my house. How random and sweet?!



This week Ralph Lauren had a huge sale and I stocked on on many summer and fall essentials for Elin. I just love their adorable classic dresses for girls! I am excited for this seersucker dress for this summer!



Elin has had a blast riding around in a wagon at her Nana and Papa’s and I just love this picture of her riding with their doggy, Daisy.



Elin’s birthday is officially one week away and my weekend is going to be filled with making all theses bags and boxes form into a party.  Wish me luck!


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Week Highlights


1Another week has flown by and we are officially 2 weeks away from Elin’s birthday! This week Elin got to go a science museum for kids and Kindermusic with her Nana while I was at work. I heard positive reports that she did well. Then I took off work a day to spend with her and we went to pick out her birthday cake! Elin had fun looking at all the pretty goodies.  She even took a sample cupcake which is HUGE because she refuses to eat cake.  She seemed to like the icing part!


2Elin had her first experience with playdoh!  She seemed to love it.  We had fun making letters, numbers, and snowmen! Specifically Olaf because he is the cutest snowman ever!




Tea parties are still all the rage with Elin.  She has a couple different sets and we are getting her more for her birthday.  She is teapot obsessed.



She has been getting into dolls more and playing like her stuffed animals are babies.  Her favorite thing to do is have them kiss and then giggle like crazy.



I was looking back at old photos and found this picture from almost exactly a year ago!  I cannot believe how much she has changed in a year.  This photo is just hilarious to me because she has the biggest grin.


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Easter Bunny Visit


After lots of anticipation, Elin finally got to visit with the Easter bunny this year. She has been talking about the Easter bunny non-stop for a week now and I was getting afraid that he might not live up the hype.

She visited him last year when she was 10 months old and she did very well and smiled very well for her picture.


This year she paid very close attention to everyone in line in front of her and was watching them talk to the bunny and get their picture taken. When it was her turn, you could tell she was so excited. She kept saying, “Easter bunny soft” over and over and she petted his hand and she even looked up a few times and grabbed his nose. It was a little hard to get a good picture because she was just looking at his hands and face the whole time, but finally we got her to look at the camera and wave. I was scared that she was going to throw a fit when it was time to get off his lap, but she did very well.

After the visiting the bunny, she loved checking out the fountains and walking near the display where the bunny was seated to point out the flowers.


On our way out the door, she spotted a little bunny home decor piece at Von Maur. It became clear that she was not leaving the little guy behind, so we ended up purchasing him as a souvenir. He was not meant for a toddler so she promptly detached his ear during the car ride home, so we are working on mending him.

Elin is very much anticipating Easter this weekend.


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Flowers in the park

Yesterday my mom and sister took Elin and my nephew Max to the park. I heard they had the best time playing. Max likes to teach her how to do things and Elin loves looking up to him and copying what he does. I think they are at that perfect age gap where they can get along well despite their age difference.

I just had to share these adorable pictures of them. I love how you can see the whole sequence of them spotting the flowers and then Max picking her one and handing it to her. He is so sweet to her.



IMG_3390    IMG_3391


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Easter and Parties



I was so excited when Emily from the  Dear Owen blog sent Elin this beautiful personalized Easter activity mat. Elin was so excited to see a cute little chicky on the front and then all the fun learning games on the back. She has so many cute options in her shop. We are so thankful for her lovely thoughtful gift!  It’s just perfect for our spring crafting.



I am currently obsessed with my new bunny garland! I think it brings a little Easter cheer to our living room. I know this is something that could easily be made but I chose the easy route and decided to buy one.



Ever since I got my new Macbook, I have been on a hunt for a fun and functional  sleeve for it and I have finally found the one! Isn’t she a beaut?! I just love it! It’s the Marc Jacobs “Pretty Pinwheel” commuter case.



I am so excited that I have just ordered Elin’s birthday party invitations!!  I finally decided on a theme and now I have a few weeks to start planning. The party planning will keep my mind off the fact she is turning 2!!



My two favorite photos I took this week is this one from my nephew’s birthday party and then a shot of  Elin’s crazy hair in the morning when she got up.

IMG_3277  IMG_3246  

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Spring Five Favorites






Since Spring is officially here I thought I would spruce up the house with pretty springy flowers. Tulips and hydrangeas are some of my favorites. I bought  two big bouquets of white and blue hydrangeas over the weekend and unfortunately this small stem is all that remains. The vase is re-purposed from one of my wedding showers. I think the green and white ribbons add a cute touch.



Nothing says spring like some jelly beans and these sparkly Jelly Belly beans are so pretty. They are the Disney Princess edition ones and they are incredibly hard to find. I found them in the Easter section at Target.



Even though Elin has tons of books, I can’t stop buying them. Easter books are especially precious and I found these two adorable books this week.  The illustrations are gorgeous! I haven’t read them to her yet, but  looking through them quickly, they look like they will be so cute.



I about died when I saw this little outdoor furniture set for kids at Costco! I think I need to run back and get it for Elin. I am hoping it’s still there! I should have never passed on something that was chevron patterned for kids!



Last but certainly not least, my nephew Ethan is turning 9 in a few short days! How he can possibly be 9 I do not know! He is so smart and the best little athlete I know.  He is the best baseball and basketball player and he makes everyone so proud.



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Ikea Must-haves for Toddlers


MÅLA EaselMÅLA Smock, DUKTIG Baking SetFÖRSIKTIG Stool, KRITTER Table and Chairs

Last weekend I traveled to IKEA and found some great and inexpensive toddler items. I wanted to share my top five favorites with you today. I am most excited about the artist easel. We already have a table and chairs for our upstairs, but I wanted a cheaper set for our downstairs. The smock will be essential with the easel and other messy activities. The baking set with be great for Elin’s kitchen she is getting for her birthday, and the stool is going to be great for to use all the time.

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Weekend Plans



Elin has been making kiss faces a lot this week and I just love it!  I think it’s so cute!


2This week I randomly decided to look for some Frozen singalongs videos and Elin has completely fallen in love with the music. She can’t get enough of them! I know the move comes out on Tuesday but I am contemplating taking her to the movie theater for the first time so she can experience the show that way. I really don’t know if she will enjoy it or dislike the how loud the music will be in the theater,  but I am hoping to take her on Sunday and give it a try.


3I am very excited that we have a shopping trip planned to Ikea this weekend. I don’t really have any specific items in mind that I am  looking for. What great finds have you found there recently?


I have officially decided on a tea party theme for Elin’s second birthday party!  She loves playing with her tea sets so I hope she enjoys a party themed as such. Let the planning begin!


For my fifth item, I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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