A Peter Rabbit Themed First Birthday Party

Grayson is 9.5 months old and it’s already time to start thinking about his first birthday!  The first birthday is such a huge milestone and big celebration.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was planning Elin’s first birthday party and she will be turning five in May.

Since Grayson’s birthday is in the Spring and so close to Easter I though a Peter Rabbit theme would be perfect for him.  I’m already trying to think of cute bunny themed  decor and treats.  Luckily, since it it is close to Easter I am hoping to fine more Peter Rabbit themed items in stores in the next month or so.

I made an inspiration board to gather colors and ideas.  I can’t believe our little bunny is almost one!

Angel’s 15th Birthday

The day has finally arrived! I have been thinking of Angel’s Quinceañera for a long time. We always used to think about throwing Angel and Fiona a big party for their 15th birthday. I made sure Angel still had a good day and lots of party treats but it just didn’t feel quite right for a huge celebration without her beloved sister with us or her cousin Daisy.


Angel is not the kind of dog to make friends easily. She is very fearful when she encounters other dogs and is very sassy with her loud barks. It also takes her awhile to warm up to humans as well. Once she gets to know you, she is friendly and sweet but she is very selective with her affection.

I am happy to report that she still has lots of energy and is in good health! She just had blood work done and luckily it all came back normal. It’s all evidenced by the way she can still tear all around the house and fly up and down the stairs numerous times a day.


Angel enjoyed a special dog cupcake from a dog bakery and got lots of treats and stuffed toys from us and her nanny and papa. I think she had a good day and felt extra special.

We love our little Angel baby so much and am so happy and grateful to still have her with us.

Here are some of my favorite pics of her.










Elin’s Mermaid Birthday Party- Part 2


If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of Elin’s birthday party please check it out here.

I let Elin invite a few friends from dance class and ordered a bounce house.  Her birthday party has luckily always fell on a sunny and warm day and of course this year it was unseasonably cold and windy!  It was so windy i was afraid it was too windy for them to put up the bounce house but the company we ordered it from said it would be ok.  Luckily, despite the cold temps the girls had a blast jumping around and that helped them stay warm.

I still can’t believe they had to bundle up in coats in mid-May!





Elin was super excited for the mermaid cake and cupcakes and even more excited when I showed her the number 4 candle!!





It was a bit chaotic during the gift opening because all the girls were so excited to check everything out and play with everything right away.




Before the girls went back out to bounce some more we had a pinata.  Elin had been asking for one ever sense she enjoyed one at someone else’s party.   I was so glad that the Mermaid we found was just one where you pull the strings and not one you have to hit in order for the candy to fall out.  We made all the way to the last string before it broke and all the candy came out!




Look at these cute girls!  Such sweet friends!


I am so glad this girl had a good day and enjoyed her party, friends and bounce house.  She is honestly the sweetest, kindest and cutest little four year old around and was ever so deserving of her special day.


Elin’s Mermaid Birthday Party – Part 1

Elin’s fourth birthday crept up on me this year. I usually like to start planning in March but since Grayson’s birth was in April, I didn’t really start planning until mid-late April this year. I did know that Elin wanted a Mermaid theme this year so I decided to make my life a little easier by first finding mermaid-themed party goods like paper plates, napkins, cups, etc. and then just tried to find some coordinating decor items.

I’m just going to post some pics of the details from her party today and then on Wednesday I’ll post more pictures of Elin and her friends.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the party. I listed the party vendors below and as usual, I was so impressed by everyone we ordered party items from. I am so in awe of all the talented people out there with the skills to make all these beautiful crafts.



































Elin’s 4th Birthday


A couple of weeks ago was Elin’s fourth birthday! I am so behind on posting but I don’t want to forget to post about her big day! Elin was super excited about turning four and she was sure to let everyone know it. I think every cashier in our town knows that she was turning four and having a mermaid party. She always tells every cashier in any store that we go into that she is a big sister and has a baby brother named Grayson.

A couple weeks before her birthday I took her to The Flying cupcake to order cupcakes for her class. In hindsight it would have been fun to make them with her for her class, but in reality her birthday was just a month post Grayson’s birth so ordering them seemed like a better plan. She chose to order minis and wanted half of them pink and half orange because those are her two favorite colors. Then we went to Target and bought treat bags and all the items to fill them and she helped me make them for her classmates.

The big day had arrived so we came during the latter part of the school day to bring he cupcakes for her little celebration at school.



She enjoyed all the kiddos singing to her for her birthday and having us there to see her. She also LOVED showing off her little brother and all the kids were so excited to see a baby.

Can you spot Grayson enjoying story time, too?



After school we had asked her if she wanted to go anywhere special like the Zoo or a jump house place but all she wanted to do was go home and open presents! So, we let her open a few and then she opened up more after her nap later in the afternoon.


I love this picture of her running towards her presents. She was soooo excited!


She was so excited to get her Disney Tsums Tsums. She is CRAZY about those little things.


She also got a few lego sets, books, and a stuffed animal.

Her big item was a big girl bike!


She is most excited about the basket so she can “pick up small animals as she rides around town” so she says. I can just see her riding around with some neighbor’s small cat in there.

She loves it but she is also a little scared of it still and it will take some time for her to get more comfortable riding it.

It’s so unreal that little Elin is already 4 years old! I’m sure before I know another year will have gone by.

Elin’s birthday party with friends was the weekend before her birthday. I’ll share details and pictures soon.

Letter to Elin on her Fourth Birthday


Happy Fourth Birthday, Elin! What a year you have had! We had so many exciting firsts this year. You have started your first year of Preschool and you are almost finished with it. You became a big sister this year! You just performed in your first dance recital! You have learned to spell and write your name. The list could go on and on.

I’m so proud of what a sweet and happy girl you are. You are so smart, funny, and kind. I love that you love to play with other kids and are always polite and kind enough to share with others. You are very observant and considerate. You ask, “How are you feeling?” and “Why did God make me?”.

You are so very special to everyone in your family and we can’t wait to see you grow and learn in your fifth year!

Arrival Day Party and Zoo Boo


Angel just celebrated her first arrival day birthday without Fiona. It was very sad to not have her there. Angel didn’t seem like she was in the partying mood, but she was very good and let me take her photo. She is 14.5 years old now.


Elin desperately wanted to get in on the photos so she sat with Angel for some photos. I love the one of them staring at each other. Elin loves Angel, but Angel is still not a huge fan of Elin. She tolerates her, but I think Angel is still just scared of Elin and thinks she is too loud.




I have no idea where Elin has learned this head tilt, but she has wanted to take pictures like that all weekend long.


Daisy came over for the party and brought some gifts. I didn’t get a good picture of them together which is a bummer. But they enjoyed some birthday treats and hopefully had a nice visit together.


Elin also go to visit Zoo boo with her Nanny and her friend, Lydia. She dressed in a Minnie Mouse dress-up outfit which is not the costume she is going to wear on Halloween, but I thought this would be better for the zoo. Plus, it was easier to layer a shirt and pants underneath it.



These two looked like they were having a blast and I’m glad they got to get there this year.



Tinkerbell Birthday Party

This weekend started off not so great with Elin having a bad fall on Friday night, but it ended on a high note with a fun third birthday party for Elin’s friend Lydia.

Elin has been eagerly anticipating her friend Lydia’s 3rd birthday for quite some time. The theme was Tinkerbell and woodland fairies and everything was decorated perfectly.


Each girl had fairy wings waiting for her at the table and Elin was so excited to get hers on right away.



I think this picture is so cute because Elin was telling Lydia all about her eye.


I didn’t get a picture of the food table before the girls had quickly started filling their plates, but you can still see all the cute creative ideas. I especially loved the grape caterpillars, the pretzel twigs, the bark cookies, and the cookie wands.



Then the girls worked on making adorable fairy houses! This was seriously such an adorable craft idea!



Then it was time for candles and cake.



Unfortunately I did not get a good shot of the girls together. Elin was not thrilled that it was time to go so she would not smile. These two girls spend a lot of time together and are such good friends!


Elin was so excited to dig into her goodie bag and play with her wings and wand as soon as we got home.



Didn’t the fairy house turn out so cute?! It was such a fun and creative idea. The pixie dust was another fun take home goodie.  Lydia’s mom, Megan seriously outdid herself with all the attention to detail.


Cinderella Birthday Party: Part 2

If you would like to see Part 1 of Elin’s birthday please click here.

On the day of Elin’s third birthday party, she woke up so excited and ready to party! She was in awe of the ginormous Cinderella balloon from Party City. She would not let it go for a second. She drug it all over the house waiting for party guests to arrive.



I love this picture of her peeking outside in eager anticipation of her guests! She was so excited for everyone to get there. A family friend Carole who is a hairdresser came over to put up her Cinderella updo that day. Elin was so excited to get the whole Cinderella look going on again just like in Disney World.







Finally her cousins were the first to arrive and she was thrilled!



Once her friends got there, they sat down to start working on Cinderella necklaces.



After that they played a little in the castle tent.


Then they played pin the shoe on Cinderella. However they were not fans of the blind fold, so they just sort of stuck shoes everywhere.


Then it was time for a little birthday cupcakes. I think all the girls found them delicious. Don’t the little girls look adorable in their dresses? They all looked so beautiful!!






After some cupcakes, they started coloring Cinderella coloring pages. Some of the girls started on making foam crowns as well.



Then Elin starting to open all her lovely gifts. She loved everything! She received lots of new princess themed toys. All the girls were eager to start playing with her new Cinderella castle.




Group shot that didn’t quite include everyone but almost!


These two got into their treat bags and got into their princess suckers. I have a feeling these two will get themselves into lots of trouble in the future.


I love this moment of Elin going in for a kiss with her beloved Papa. She loves him to pieces! She was modeling her new sweater knitted by her Oma.


Elin had such a good birthday party and I’m so grateful for all her lovely friends and family who came to celebrate with her. She was one tired girl when everyone left, but it was well worth it for an awesome party with her friends.

Cinderella Birthday Party

When I started to plan Elin’s birthday, I wasn’t sure on the theme, but as it got closer to her birthday and her obsession with Cinderella grew, it was clear that we definitely needed a Cinderella themed birthday party! We wanted to stick to the iconic blue color from Cinderella’s dress and and the beautiful silver from her Coach. Elin and I have watched the 1950s Cinderella film so many times now that I can tell you in more detail than you would ever want to know about the color of blues and silvers in the movie.

This post will just show some of the party details and in the next post I will share images of Elin enjoying the party with her friends.


Elin loves the beautiful coach that Cinderella rides in and she was so excited when I found these wire carriages at Hobby Lobby. They were a bright pink, so Elin’s Papa spray painted them a perfect silver for us.




The cake turned out perfectly! It was seriously a work of art. The bakery, Confectioneiress, matched the blue color perfectly and made all the little details look beautiful!





The cake is quite the challenge to cut and thankfully I have a friend who takes on the task every year (thank you, Diana!). So in the meantime, cupcakes are perfect for little eager hands to hold and I find that the little kids enjoy them.



A party is not complete without gorgeous flowers and our local florist makes everything more beautiful. I think they turned out fit for a ball for Cinderella! The beautiful beads were the perfect embellishment.




I knew the girls needed wands for all the bibbidi bobbidi boo magical fun so, I made these out of tulle and used them for decoration and then party favors.


Of course we had to incorporate Cinderella’s glass slipper! I found a variety of sizes and decorated with them in several different ways.




Elin is the perfect Cinderella to me, so I used a photo of her dressed up like Cinderella from our recent Disney trip to personalize the cake plates.


I used my other carriage to decorate the mantle. The florist did the flowers inside it.




I am in awe of how this centerpiece came out. When searching for inspiration of Cinderella items on Etsy I came across a seller who made beautiful Frozen centerpieces and I asked her if she could make Cinderella-themed wands and these turned out so beautiful! The detail was amazing and they were sparkly and beautiful!


I used one of more beautiful Cinderella book (we have several different versions) to decorate in the kitchen.




I had the printables for the party made by Paige from Paiges of Style. I love how they turned out!





We moved out all the sunroom furniture to make a special area for Elin and her friends. We moved in her tent since it looks like a castle.




I put a crown at each of the princesses’ spots along with their first craft which was a necklace making set with Cinderella-themed beads.





The picture is actually for a party game of pin the shoe on Cinderella.






I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the details of the party. I enjoy party planning and love watching all the little details come together.

If you would like to see links from her second birthday you can check them out here and here.

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