Grayson’s 11 Month Update


This big boy is 11 months old!


Weight:  24 lbs
Height: 38.75 in
Head Size: ?
Clothes:  Mostly 18-24 months
Diapers: size 4

This little boy has had a big month.  He has two more teeth poked through and I think he is working on even more.

He can pull himself to a stand a cruise around on furniture.  He even can walk a little with a walker.

Grayson loves to be pushed on the swings or ride around in the little fisher price car.

He continues to smile and be so sweet all the time.  However, he is getting stranger anxiety and will start to cry when I turn away from him in a public place or hand him over to someone else he does not know extremely well.

I cannot believe is almost 1 years old!

Grayson’s 10 Month Update

The sweetest baby in the world is 10 months old!


Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 38.75 in
Head Size: ?
Clothes:  12-18 months
Diapers: size 4

Grayson has accomplished so much this past month!  He started talking and his first word was, “mama”.  He also says, “baba”, “hi”, “hey” and he said “hello” once!

He has finally learned to crawl!  He has been working hard at it for months and now he he has finally mastered it and crawls everywhere!

He has been enjoying the warm weather by swinging in a baby swing at the park and riding in his little car.  He loves to hold on to the steering wheel and stand up.  He has always like standing and is trying to pull himself up on furniture.

Grayson remains so sweet and happy.  He is my little shopper and never complains when he comes along on shopping trips.  He has started eating more table foods and less baby food.  He only has 3 bottles a day now.

Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s day has come and gone and I’m not going to let it get to all the way to March before I post about it!  It was Grayson’s first Valentine’s Day so in the morning I planned for extra time to get pictures of Elin and Grayson together opening their gifts before I took Elin to school and helped out at her Valentine’s Day party at school.

I absolutely love this photo of Grayson peaking into Elin’s gift bag to see what she got!

Elin received a book and a Cinderella lipgloss set and Grayson received a book and the softest little stuffed bear.

I enjoyed spending time with Elin and all her little school friends for the party and later on that day she and Grayson received more gifts from Nanny and Papa and then her cousins Ethan and Max.

Please notice that somehow Grayson knew it was silly picture time and he stuck out his little tongue, too!

Later that night Elin and I  had so much checking out all her Valentine’s from school. She was so proud of her little bag she made.  She said the hearts were made from her thumb print.  Such a cute idea.



A Peter Rabbit Themed First Birthday Party

Grayson is 9.5 months old and it’s already time to start thinking about his first birthday!  The first birthday is such a huge milestone and big celebration.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was planning Elin’s first birthday party and she will be turning five in May.

Since Grayson’s birthday is in the Spring and so close to Easter I though a Peter Rabbit theme would be perfect for him.  I’m already trying to think of cute bunny themed  decor and treats.  Luckily, since it it is close to Easter I am hoping to fine more Peter Rabbit themed items in stores in the next month or so.

I made an inspiration board to gather colors and ideas.  I can’t believe our little bunny is almost one!

Grayson’s 9 Month Update


Weight: 21.6 lbs
Height: 38.75 in
Head Size: 18 in
Clothes:  6-12 months
Diapers: size 3

Grayson is 9 months old!  He celebrated his very first Christmas this month which was so very special.  It was so much fun to have him enjoy all the festivities for the first time.

Another big milestone this month was getting his first tooth!  He now has two little teeth and he is loving getting a chance to use them on all the new table foods he has been enjoying.  His new favorite foods are grilled chicken, bananas and bread. He has loved all his baby food and table food that he has tried and hasn’t turned down anything we offered him.

Grayson his trying desperately to crawl but hasn’t quite mastered it.  He gets on his knees and rocks back and forth but just won’t take that step forward.  He does know how to roll around and get whatever toy he is going after.

He may not look like he has much hair but it’s growing and getting thicker everyday.

Grayson continues to be such a good sleep and happy baby overall.  He always has such a sweet smile on his face.


Favorite Christmas Moments 2016

This Christmas was a special one becasue it was Grayson’s first Christmas! I just love this picture of him by his little tree I got him for his room.

I got Grayson the cutest little santa suit to wear and he was such a little ham with his hat on.

Elin got a Tsum Tsum advent calendar and it was so fun to see her excited everyone morning to see which one she got. She was thrilled with her surprise!

On Christmas morning Elin was eager to get downstairs to see what Santa had left. I had them sit under the tree for a quick picture and I love this picture of Elin stealing a kiss from Grayson.

Elin did such a good job at helping him check out his stocking and helping him open all his presents.

This picture was right before we set out visit family after we opened presents.

This last picture cracks me of Nanny and Papa with the grandkids because Elin’s smile looks rather aggressive and Grayson is getting his little head patted. His head is pretty irresistible! This was right before we left in the evening and it had been quite a long day.



Indiana University


A couple of weekends ago it was a beautiful sunny fall day and we made a spontaneous decision to drive to Bloomington to walk around Indiana University. Despite the fact that we are only about 40 mins away, we had never taken Elin there to show her where we we went to school.

I had Elin and Grayson dressed in their matching sweatsuits, so of course I had a little photo shoot!





The drive down was very pretty with lots of beautiful trees to see along the way. We parked in the downtown Kirkwood area and walked in through the Sample Gates. The flowers and trees were so beautiful. It would have been a perfect day for fall photos outside. Elin had lots of questions about how it was a school that you lived at. She also could not understand the concept that she was not born yet. She kept saying, “But, where was I when you lived here? Was I still in your tummy?” I tried explaining to her that was many years before she was born but she didn’t understand.




She loved this first statue we came to near Franklin Hall. I actually don’t remember this statue at all and this was Elin’s favorite.  She was so cute as she talked to him and she asked me to take her photo with him.


She of course loved the sitting statue of Herman B. Wells.


Then we made our way to the Rose Well House. It’s a beautiful gazebo building made of stone in 1908 and this is where Phil and I got engaged. I wished I got a good picture of the outside of it because it’s so pretty.





Then we meandered all through the pathways and eventually to Showalter fountain. Elin was starting to get tired from walking at this point and had to go to the bathroom so we then walked back the Union building and walked around in there.




The campus just gets more and more beautiful over time. I hope that we can come  back in the spring for a more extended excursion and maybe pack a picnic to bring with us.


Grayson’s 7 Month Update

Look who is 7 months! Grayson has had another great month of big milestones. Let’s take a look at the stats.



Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27.75 inches
Head Size: 17 inches
Clothes:  6-9 months
Diapers: size 2


This month Grayson has started taking solid foods! He has loves all the vegetables so far and has quite a good appetite. Sometimes I have a hard time shoveling it to his little mouth fast enough. We have to be really careful when feeding him because sometimes he will get excited and flail his arms all around and knock the container right out of our hands! Has a gotten better about that over time.

Grayson also finally conquered sitting on his own! I am so happy to see him hit this milestone because I think he will enjoy playing with his toys more and Elin enjoys playing with him even more now that he can sit with her.

When Grayson is on his tummy and rolling around he has started to kind of pull up in a crawling position. I can wait for that milestone, though! I can only imagine the craziness of him crawling around!

Our sweet boy is still an awesome sleeper and sleeps through the night like a dream. He would probably sleep in longer on the weekends but Elin gets up to go the bathroom and is super loud and I think that usually wakes him up.


Grayson continues to be such a sweet and happy baby. A pure joy to everyone!


Grayson’s 6 Month Update

How are we already at the halfway point to one year old? It doesn’t even seem remotely possible!


Grayson had his 6 month appointment and did so well despite getting 4 shots. He is one tough little baby because he calms down so fast after the initial cry out from the poke of the needle. He grew a little bit from his last appointment but he is leveling off and is in the 45 percentile for weight and 90 percentile for height.


Weight: 17 lbs
Height: 27.75 inches
Head Size: 17 inches
Clothes: 3-6 and some 6-9
Diapers: size 2

Grayson has had such a good month of firsts and one bad first. Let’s start with the bad. He had his first bad cold! It lasted over 3 weeks and he is still coughing and wheezing some. Thankfully not as much as he was! He did have some nights where he woke up in the night because he was so congested and coughed so much. I am very thankful that he is on the mend and sleeping through the night again.


Then he had some really big firsts this month like jumping in his Jumperoo for the first. He enjoyed just standing and playing with the toys at first, but now he is starting to understand that he can jump in it. He really enjoys bearing weight on his feet so he can stay happy in the Jumperoo for awhile before he gets bored or tired.

Grayson also visited his first pumpkin patch! He enjoyed being outside and checking out the sights from his stroller.


Grayson is drooling lots, but still no sign of a tooth yet. He is enjoying chewing on his fingers and toys for now. He has no interest in the pacifier at all. I’m glad because that is one less thing to keep track of.


Grayson has the sweetest smile and loves to make laughing and cute high pitched squeals right now. He really is just the sweetest and has the sweetest disposition. We are so grateful that he is so sweet and laid back. As the second child, he often gets drug along on adventures that are not necessarily for him, but he is so easy going.

I can’t wait to see what all he will learn next month.

Grayson’s First Experience with Gerber Cereal

Grayson has been working hard on sitting on his own. He is not quite there, but can sit very well supported with his Boppy pillow. He has also been practicing more sitting in grocery carts and his high chair at home. Now that he is in this phase, I thought it would be a great time to start some Gerber Cereal. I want to do everything I can to ensure good, healthy development.


So off to Walmart we went after Elin’s T-ball game last Saturday. As you can see from the pic, Grayson was pretty happy to see he was getting to start his foray into eating with Gerber Cereal. Just look at that big toothless grin.


Speaking of toothless, he is gnawing on everything right now and was eagerly trying to get into his Gerber Cereal.

Walmart had quite the selection of Gerber products to choose from. I choose the Gerber single grain Oatmeal Cereal. That’s exactly what we started Elin on four years ago and she loved it. I love that it provides Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and six B vitamins.

If you know me well at all, you know that I research everything and therefore have a hard time making decisions because I am always weighing the pros and cons of everything. I love that going with Gerber is one decision that I don’t have to think about. Elin did so well with all their products and still loves their toddler meals. In fact, she just ate a Gerber’s ravioli meal tonight for dinner.


When we got home, we were all excited to see Grayson take his first bite. I kept telling Elin the whole time that I could remember feeding her for the first time as well with Gerber Oatmeal Cereal.

Grayson was excited and ready to eat. I think he was little apprehensive about the spoon in his mouth each time, but he seemed to really enjoy his oatmeal and has continued to every day.





Now that he is getting his start on solids, I know he will start develop more and display more brain growth. It’s bittersweet because I am loving this current age with him, but I can’t wait to see him grow and evolve. Before long, we will be deciding which Gerber vegetables to start with, but for now I am not going to think to much about that and just enjoy watching him with his oatmeal.