Grayson’s 12 Month Update

My sweet Grayson is 1 years old!!!


Weight:  26lbs
Height: 30.75 in
Head Size: 18 5/8
Clothes:  Mostly 18-24 months
Diapers: size 5

Grayson’s first year has literally flown by.  He is such a sweet and beautiful little baby boy. He loves to smile and make all kinds of noises.  He loves to say, “mama” over and over again.

He isn’t walking yet but can hold on to the couch and cruise around holding on.

He has recently discovered that he loves to open and shut cabinet doors.  He is very curious and loves to check everything out.

He eats most table food but for some reason does not seem to like fruits yet.  Even thought he liked it in the baby food form.

He is a good eater and has suddenly started to love drinking water out of his sippy cup.

He loves to to be outside and riding around in his wagon or new car.

He is such a sweet happy baby and I love him so much.