Grayson’s 11 Month Update


This big boy is 11 months old!


Weight:  24 lbs
Height: 38.75 in
Head Size: ?
Clothes:  Mostly 18-24 months
Diapers: size 4

This little boy has had a big month.  He has two more teeth poked through and I think he is working on even more.

He can pull himself to a stand a cruise around on furniture.  He even can walk a little with a walker.

Grayson loves to be pushed on the swings or ride around in the little fisher price car.

He continues to smile and be so sweet all the time.  However, he is getting stranger anxiety and will start to cry when I turn away from him in a public place or hand him over to someone else he does not know extremely well.

I cannot believe is almost 1 years old!


  1. I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden he’s nearly a year old! How did that happen so fast?? Definitely looks like you’ll have a walker any day now. He has the sweetest most infectious smile 🙂