Retro Kitchen Photoshoot

Back before Valentine’s Day I signed Elin, Grayson and their cousin Max up for a cute Valentine/retro kitchen photoshoot. The kids had so much fun dressing the part and of playing with all the kitchen stuff.  I wish there were more good pictures of Grayson but his little ear was bothering him and he was a not a happy camper for the photo shoot.

We can’t wait to try another fun theme out for photos.


  1. Oh my goodness… adorable!!!

  2. These are SO cute! Grayson is getting big!!

  3. So adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness, these pictures came out wonderful! Your daughter, Elin, is so cute and having so much fun! I would have never even thought about a retro kitchen photo shoot. What an awesome idea!

  5. ADORABLE!!! Clearly I’ve been living under a rock to have missed this. Such a cute idea and I love the vintage coke bottle. Perfect touch. Poor Grayson though :-/