Indiana University


A couple of weekends ago it was a beautiful sunny fall day and we made a spontaneous decision to drive to Bloomington to walk around Indiana University. Despite the fact that we are only about 40 mins away, we had never taken Elin there to show her where we we went to school.

I had Elin and Grayson dressed in their matching sweatsuits, so of course I had a little photo shoot!





The drive down was very pretty with lots of beautiful trees to see along the way. We parked in the downtown Kirkwood area and walked in through the Sample Gates. The flowers and trees were so beautiful. It would have been a perfect day for fall photos outside. Elin had lots of questions about how it was a school that you lived at. She also could not understand the concept that she was not born yet. She kept saying, “But, where was I when you lived here? Was I still in your tummy?” I tried explaining to her that was many years before she was born but she didn’t understand.




She loved this first statue we came to near Franklin Hall. I actually don’t remember this statue at all and this was Elin’s favorite.  She was so cute as she talked to him and she asked me to take her photo with him.


She of course loved the sitting statue of Herman B. Wells.


Then we made our way to the Rose Well House. It’s a beautiful gazebo building made of stone in 1908 and this is where Phil and I got engaged. I wished I got a good picture of the outside of it because it’s so pretty.





Then we meandered all through the pathways and eventually to Showalter fountain. Elin was starting to get tired from walking at this point and had to go to the bathroom so we then walked back the Union building and walked around in there.




The campus just gets more and more beautiful over time. I hope that we can come  back in the spring for a more extended excursion and maybe pack a picnic to bring with us.



  1. OMg they look so cute!! Soo….are we allowed to still be friends since you went to IU and I went to Purdue? 😉 I want to take the kids back to visit Purdue so badly. I was hoping to go to a football game this year, but realized it wouldn’t be very fun with a toddler who is everywhere. Maybe next year.

  2. How fun! What a fun family day!

    Those babes of yours are sooooo cute!

  3. These pictures are so good! The kids look adorable, the the campus in gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful campus! That gazebo where you got engaged is perfect. How special to visit again with Elon and Grayson. And how cute are they in those sweatsuits?? Love Elian’s topknot too.