Grayson (6 Months) & Elin (4.5 Years) Pics

About a month ago we had fall pictures planned for a sunny Friday morning. Even though it was sunny later in the day, it was pretty cold during our outdoors session! Also, Grayson is always so happy and smiling all the time and during this session he would not smile much a all! We later saw throughout the day that he was not feeling good at all and he ended up having a little virus. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in how the session went but luckily our fantastic photographer was able to still capture some lovely pictures for us.


Can you tell this poor little guy was just not feeling the photo shoot? Poor baby!!! I wish we had seen more signs in advance and had time to reschedule. Oh well!



Luckily, Elin was a in good spirits and happy to sit for pictures in between running around and kicking up the leaves.



After giving Grayson had a bottle and some time to warm up in the car, he came back for a few smiles.





One thing I will never ever regret is investing in a photographer to capture family images. I will treasure all these photos forever. As much as I despise the process of making photo books, I love having the end product and looking through all the images and having all the memories from each session.


  1. Goodness time is flying! Grayson looks so big and goodness is he a happy guy. And Elin looks so sweet! Love their smiles.

  2. So sorry Grayson came down with a cold. 🙁 I think you still got some amazing shots!

  3. These turned out so adorable!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! XO

  4. What beautiful pictures! I’m sorry to hear that Grayson wasn’t feeling well, but you did get some amazing pics. Thankfully all of your effort paid off. (I agree that I will never regret the times we’ve paid for a photographer to capture memories either; our little ones grow up way too fast!)

  5. LOVE!!! For Grayson not smiling much you still got a ton of great pics! So cute 🙂