Christmas Pajamas 2016

It’s Christmas Pajama time! I love to see all the cute little kids all decked out in their Christmas pajamas. I got Elin and Grayson two different sets of personalized ones this year. Plus, lots of non-personalized holiday sets as well.

I am co-hosting a little linkup with a few of my favorite bloggers. I would love for you to join us for a fun linkup showing off your kiddos Christmas pajamas and where you found them. The linkup will run from Dec 15-22. More details to come.

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Indiana University


A couple of weekends ago it was a beautiful sunny fall day and we made a spontaneous decision to drive to Bloomington to walk around Indiana University. Despite the fact that we are only about 40 mins away, we had never taken Elin there to show her where we we went to school.

I had Elin and Grayson dressed in their matching sweatsuits, so of course I had a little photo shoot!





The drive down was very pretty with lots of beautiful trees to see along the way. We parked in the downtown Kirkwood area and walked in through the Sample Gates. The flowers and trees were so beautiful. It would have been a perfect day for fall photos outside. Elin had lots of questions about how it was a school that you lived at. She also could not understand the concept that she was not born yet. She kept saying, “But, where was I when you lived here? Was I still in your tummy?” I tried explaining to her that was many years before she was born but she didn’t understand.




She loved this first statue we came to near Franklin Hall. I actually don’t remember this statue at all and this was Elin’s favorite.  She was so cute as she talked to him and she asked me to take her photo with him.


She of course loved the sitting statue of Herman B. Wells.


Then we made our way to the Rose Well House. It’s a beautiful gazebo building made of stone in 1908 and this is where Phil and I got engaged. I wished I got a good picture of the outside of it because it’s so pretty.





Then we meandered all through the pathways and eventually to Showalter fountain. Elin was starting to get tired from walking at this point and had to go to the bathroom so we then walked back the Union building and walked around in there.




The campus just gets more and more beautiful over time. I hope that we can come  back in the spring for a more extended excursion and maybe pack a picnic to bring with us.


Grayson (6 Months) & Elin (4.5 Years) Pics

About a month ago we had fall pictures planned for a sunny Friday morning. Even though it was sunny later in the day, it was pretty cold during our outdoors session! Also, Grayson is always so happy and smiling all the time and during this session he would not smile much a all! We later saw throughout the day that he was not feeling good at all and he ended up having a little virus. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in how the session went but luckily our fantastic photographer was able to still capture some lovely pictures for us.


Can you tell this poor little guy was just not feeling the photo shoot? Poor baby!!! I wish we had seen more signs in advance and had time to reschedule. Oh well!



Luckily, Elin was a in good spirits and happy to sit for pictures in between running around and kicking up the leaves.



After giving Grayson had a bottle and some time to warm up in the car, he came back for a few smiles.





One thing I will never ever regret is investing in a photographer to capture family images. I will treasure all these photos forever. As much as I despise the process of making photo books, I love having the end product and looking through all the images and having all the memories from each session.

Grayson’s 7 Month Update

Look who is 7 months! Grayson has had another great month of big milestones. Let’s take a look at the stats.



Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27.75 inches
Head Size: 17 inches
Clothes:  6-9 months
Diapers: size 2


This month Grayson has started taking solid foods! He has loves all the vegetables so far and has quite a good appetite. Sometimes I have a hard time shoveling it to his little mouth fast enough. We have to be really careful when feeding him because sometimes he will get excited and flail his arms all around and knock the container right out of our hands! Has a gotten better about that over time.

Grayson also finally conquered sitting on his own! I am so happy to see him hit this milestone because I think he will enjoy playing with his toys more and Elin enjoys playing with him even more now that he can sit with her.

When Grayson is on his tummy and rolling around he has started to kind of pull up in a crawling position. I can wait for that milestone, though! I can only imagine the craziness of him crawling around!

Our sweet boy is still an awesome sleeper and sleeps through the night like a dream. He would probably sleep in longer on the weekends but Elin gets up to go the bathroom and is super loud and I think that usually wakes him up.


Grayson continues to be such a sweet and happy baby. A pure joy to everyone!


Elin’s Last Day of T-Ball

Elin’s last day of fall t-ball came and went and I haven’t had time to blog about it.  First I just have to say how proud I am of Elin and how far she has come since her first practice.   I am also proud that she always went out there and tried her best.  She may not have always been paying attention to the game when she was on base or in the out field but she did always try.

Elin had two hits from being pitched and one of the tee.  I was amazed at how well she did from being pitched.


As you can see from her silly face she was pretty proud of herself as well.  The hardest part is getting her to pay attention to the other batters and not just sit there and talk and dance around.



She  really has more of a hard time when she has all that time to kill when the other team is batting.  I have to remind myself that she is only 4 years old and one of the youngest ones out there.



Overall I think Elin learned lots and has a lot more of a understanding of an organized sport.  She still enjoys hitting off her tee in the back yard.

She was super psyched about getting a trophy and she looks at it almost every night before she goes to bed.




Halloween 2016- Grayson’s First Halloween

Halloween was such a busy night this year! We had a lot to do and a lot of people to see in a short period of time. Immediately after work I went to pick up the kids and got them all dressed and their Nanny and Papa’s house so they could see them all dressed up.


Grayson received a new sleeper a baseball rattle and a book about pumpkins.


Elin scored a cat and carrier Doc McStuffin’s set. She has been loving it.


Then we went over to the cousins’ house to see them and Elin stayed this year to trick or treat with them and some of the neighborhood kids.


Elin was so excited to have other kids to go around with this year. She couldn’t keep up very well because these kids ran from house to house like they were in a race. After about 30 mins of going door to door she was done and declared she had enough candy and didn’t need anymore. She mainly just wanted to walk around holding Papa’s hand after that.




On our way home from trick or treating we stopped at another family friend’s house to trick or treat.


Then we got home and visited a couple of neighbors as well.

We got some pics of Grayson all dressed up as well. We got him a “First Halloween” rattle and a Halloween book. Elin got a cute dress that looked very similar to her costume for her Bitty Baby doll. I failed to get a picture of that.





Elin stayed up way too late looking through her candy and helping me answer the door.