Elin’s Fall Tee-ball

I had every intention of getting Elin signed up for Tee-ball over the summer and a couple weeks after Grayson was born, I started looking and found out that most places by us that take 4 year olds only offer spring and fall Tee-ball. Unfortunately, we were too late for the spring session so I promised Elin that I would keep an eye out for the fall session and she seemed pretty excited about it. Fast forward to mid summer and I remembered and got her all signed up. I excitedly told her and she said, “Great, there will be princesses there, right?”


Apparently every time I was saying “Tee-ball” she was thinking “tea” and a “ball” as in a fancy party or dance. She attended a princess tea over the summer and was getting all of that confused. Luckily, she was not too disappointed after I explained the difference.



Elin was very lucky to have her uncle Mike and cousins Max and Ethan, who came over before practices even started to teach her some of the basic fundamentals of hitting, throwing and catching.





She has had three games so far and a couple that will have to be rescheduled due to rain outs. She can hit pretty well off a tee but not from being pitched to. She loves to race after the ball and tries really hard to catch it. She and most of the team just all dive after the ball and jump on each other like they are playing tackle football. Surprisingly, there have been no injuries from that or crying.





It’s very hard for her to pay attention and not be picking at the grass, talking to her friend Lydia, or just daydreaming. I have to remind myself that she is still on the younger end of the age division and I’m sure she will pay attention better in the future. Overall, I think she is enjoying it and she looks awfully cute playing.







  1. Whew! Crisis averted! That could’ve been a pretty big letdown from tea and ball to tee ball 😉 After her explanation it makes so much sense. I love kid logic. Glad she loved it, even without the princesses!

  2. That is too cute that she thought it was a big tea party. She looks adorable in her little uniform.

  3. Elin looks so cute and she looks like she knows what she is doing out of the field!

  4. She is TOO cute! I love that she played!