Grayson 5 Month Update

Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye and Grayson is 5 months old! He remains such a sweet and happy baby!  He is always giving such sweet and adorable smiles to everyone he encounters. He is laughing more and more each day and will laugh a lot if you raise him in the air and then bring him back down quickly.


Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz
Height:  27.5 inches
Head Size:  16.5  inches
Clothes: 3-6
Diapers: size 2


Grayson is sleeping beautifully through the night and is taking good naps throughout the day.

He is still taking 5-6 ounces 5 times daily. This month we plan to start baby oatmeal.


Last month he had just started taking a pacifier and enjoyed it at first but he is using it less and less each week. He much prefers his thumb now.

Grayson really enjoys bearing weight on his feet while supported. This month he has started playing in his ExerSaucer and Jumperoo. He is not jumping yet in the Jumperoo, but likes the toys and standing on his feet with support.



He loves to hold his hands and cross his feet. He has already been grabbing and holding on to his feet as well.

He absolutely loves being outside and going for a walk. We try to take him on walks as often as we can.


He looks more and more like Elin each day and I think he looks a lot like I did as a baby as well. He is such a little bundle of love and sweetness that you can’t help but just smile at him when he looks up at you with his sweet smile. He will almost always smile a big smile back at you if you smile at him.



  1. What an angel!

  2. Such a cutie!!

  3. I can’t believe he’s 5 months already. He has grown so much and is such a sweet little guy.

  4. Oh what a handsome boy! He definitely looks like Elin. Such a happy boy!

  5. AWWW! He is so darn cute!

  6. Those smilessssss!!! He is too cute for his own good!

  7. So true, I couldn’t help but smile looking at these pictures. What an adorable little boy he is. I remember the exersaucer days…such a fun age 🙂

  8. He’said growing so much! I can’t believe he is already 5 months. Where has the time gone!?