Birth Greeting for your baby from the White House

I was working on updating Grayson’s baby book and organizing his memory box this weekend and remembered that I had never shared his letter from the White House.

Letter from President-720x720

When I was planning my wedding and perusing wedding planning websites, I found out that you could send in wedding announcements (as well as birth announcements)  to the White House and the president and first lady would send you a greeting back.   I didn’t really care to do it for our wedding but thought it was cool keepsake for a baby.  I completely forgot about it until Elin was well past newborn stage but did manage to remember in time for her and for Grayson I was on top of it and mailed in his birth announcement along with all the announcements for family and friends.

There is really not a point to do this other than it’s a unique keepsake to store in the baby box or in a memory box for your baby.



Here is the address to send off your birth announcement:

President Barack Obama
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

If you prefer to save some postage and an announcement you can just fill out this online form here.

You will also see that you can receive greetings for weddings, anniversaries, retirement, and birthdays.


Additionally, if you are interested you can also receive birth greetings for your new baby from Mickey Mouse or the Pope!

You can receive a post card signed my Mickey and some of his pals when you send an announcement to this address:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Walt Disney World
1675 N Buena Vista Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

And if you are interested in getting a letter back from the Pope you can send to this address:

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City


  1. I did this for Emmy! Love having this neat memory. So sad I didn’t know about this when Cam was born.

  2. What a sweet keepsake!

  3. These are so fun!! I missed out on the Presidential card but am crossing everything to do a Mickey one this year 😉

  4. Thank you for sharing. I guess it’s too late for my son unless I want to announce a birthday… That is such a cool keepsake!

  5. this is so cool! i would love to do this if i had a baby right now. i’ll wait and see who will be president when i’m pregnant lol. i did invite a few disney characters and the queen to my wedding, but their responses must have gotten lost in the mail lol