Doc McStuffins Exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Elin has been anxious to visit the Doc McStuffins exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and luckily for us we got our chance to check it out during a family outing with my husband’s employer. It was so nice to get access to the museum when it was closed to the public.

The event started at 6pm on a Friday evening and went until 11:30pm. We obviously did not stay that late and got there when it started as to not be out too late and we only took Elin since it would have been to late of an evening for Grayson.

When we got in the doors, most everyone seemed to be heading to the dining area first so we had the plan to go to the Doc McStuffins exhibit first since it was new and sure to be the most popular. We were thrilled to have the place to ourselves for a long time before others trickled up there.


The set up was so cute and such a neat way to teach kids about healthcare and help make hospitals a little less scary.



They had several different areas including a veterinary area, a baby nursery, exam rooms, and surgical suites.



They had little areas set up with all the instruments and told about each one.




Elin loves this little X-ray machine. It would scan each stuffed animal and tell you what was wrong and how to fix it.



Since Elin loves animals, this was probably one of her favorite areas but she also loves the baby nursery. We spent quite a bit of time in there.

Totally saving this picture when she becomes a pediatrician someday.


Look at her checking the the little patient chart.


She loved feeding and rocking the babies.  She made sure each one was tucked into bed.




The surgical suite area was interesting, but she was not as into it as the other areas. It seemed a little geared for older kids. I did love that they had realistic looking sinks and talked all about the importance of washing hands before touching patients.




I highly recommend visiting the exhibit if you are in the area. I think most kids from preschool through third or fourth grade would really love it.

We did enjoy the rest of the museum as well and had such a great time.





  1. What a cute exhibit! I would love going to a museum when it was closed to the public. Haha! They are always so crowded! Odette has recently started borrowing my stethoscope to play doctor and it’s so adorable. Kids have the best imagination!

  2. That is the coolest exhibit ever!! IF we make it to my Aunt and Uncle’s in Indy soon I am taking the kids. They would flip. I love how into it all Elin was. Looks like a blast.

  3. That exhibit looks so awesome! It sure looks like Elin had the whole place to herself.

  4. What a great exhibit. Elin looks right at home there with her lab coat on.

  5. What a wonderful exhibit. It looks like Elin has already found her calling–a pediatrician or vet… You never know if these pictures will come true in another 20+ years… What fun!