Surprizamal Cuties

Two weekends ago Elin was coming down with a bad virus and not feeling well at all. Before she started to get a fever and was bedridden, I was trying to cheer her up and I had the perfect thing up my sleeve. She loves surprise toys and I had just got my hands on the new tiny surprizamal cuties. This is the first series of the miniature variety and I knew Elin was going to be ecstatic when she saw them!


These little balls of fun did not disappoint. Elin was eager to start tearing into them to see what her surprises were.




She is all about cats these days so when her first surpizaball was a little a little cat named Jinx she thrilled. The little tag gave a brief description of new little furry friend as well as well as her birthday (April 12) and her favorite color (purple).


Each little surprizaball also came with a collector’s guide.



She eagerly opened all of her surprises and it was so good to see her smile and get excited when she wasn’t feeling well. These little guys stayed by her side all weekend long and she has been playing with them often ever since.


Here’s the lineup of our cute new friends. These are launching in stores this Fall 2016. Let us know if you get the mystery ultra rare surprizamal! Elin’s bet is that it’s a Chihuahua—wonder why she thinks that!?



  1. So cute, Odette would love these 🙂

  2. Those are so cute! Sadie would love them too. I hope Elin is all better!

  3. Sorry to hear Elin wasn’t feeling well. Hope everyone else managed to avoid getting sick. Those suprizamals are so cute!! I want to know what the super rare one is too.