Grayson’s 2 Month Update

Maybe someday I will get this monthly update up in a timely manner and not halfway through the next month.



Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz
Height:  24 1/8 inches
Head Size:  15 1/4
Clothes: 0-3
Diapers: size 1


This month Grayson grew out of being so sleepy all the time and is awake more during the day. In fact, he doesn’t nap much during the day but luckily he started sleeping completely during the night at 5 weeks and hasn’t looked back. That was one week sooner than Elin started sleeping through the night! She started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and has NEVER looked back. She wakes up maybe once a month (if that) in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but that’s it. We are hoping he will be another good night sleeper.

About a week into month two he hit a big growth spurt and got really chubby really fast! It was like overnight he just got bigger! He is almost too long for his bassinet stroller and his feet are almost sticking out past his infant carrier! Luckily, he still fits in the bassinet stroller because he loves going for walks! He seems to like the constant motion and the fresh air. He just seems so at peace on walk.


Grayson has found his hands and will hold his hands a lot. He reaches up and bats at toys on his activity gym and he also likes to kick at the little stuffed animals.

He has really taken to his bouncer seat and swing this month. He will often fall asleep in there for little naps throughout the day.


These pictures crack me up that he fell asleep during our little photo shoot!



Elin continues to love her brother so much and loves to sit and “play” with him everyday. He has started watching her more closely and smiling at her when she sits with him.



Angel is still uncertain on her feelings. She seems to want to protect him from Elin when she is loud and running around, but she likes to keep a safe distance from both of them.



  1. That is so sweet that he fell asleep during your shoot. Elin kissing him is even sweeter. You can tell she loves being a big sister.

  2. Wow, he has gotten SO big!! I love the pictures of him and Elin 🙂 Looks like they love each other so much already!

  3. He’s getting SO big and chunky!!! Just the way babies should be! <3

  4. Whitney says:

    So cute! Your sleep through the night babies are such blessings 🙂

  5. Love his tiny little baby rolls! That photo shoot cracks me up. It’s like he went from being a ham and smiling for the camera to asleep in under five minutes. Knock on wood he’s another good night sleeper! I have no idea what that’s like.