Super Wings


Elin loves to watch shows on Sprout everyday as she is eating breakfast and usually in the evening when she is winding down before bed. One of favorites she has been loving is Super Wings.

Super Wings follows an adorable plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends must work together to solve. The show focuses on creatively solving problems. They visit many different cities and countries showing off different cultures and customs.

Elin was excited to receive two of the character toys. She received Jett and Dizzy which are her favorites because Jett is the little brother to Dizzy. She thinks that is so fun since that is like her and Grayson.





These toys are so fun because they transform from a plane or helicopter to robots, thus giving more options and ways to play.



Elin has been taking them outside to play with everyday and she wants to take them to the pool with us this weekend.




It’s been interesting to play with them with her because she has me go over what everything is called on the plane and helicopter like the wings, propellers, and the wheels.

You can check out all the different characters here.


Doesn’t Dizzy have such a sweet face? She is my favorite.



  1. These are so cute! My husband has his pilot’s license and therefore Mike and Odette are plane obsessed! This would be a great gift for them 🙂

  2. Those are really cute and the show sounds good as well. Have to check that one out!

  3. Those are cute! Never heard of the show, but I like the toys =)

  4. Awww… Those look like awesome toys and she’s having such a great time with them!!!!

  5. How cute! I’ve never heard of that show, but it sounds right up Ez’s alley.

  6. Noah just the other day asked for these toys next. I’m trying to see if he forgets since he changes toy obsessions so quickly!