Elin’s Mermaid Birthday Party- Part 2


If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of Elin’s birthday party please check it out here.

I let Elin invite a few friends from dance class and ordered a bounce house.  Her birthday party has luckily always fell on a sunny and warm day and of course this year it was unseasonably cold and windy!  It was so windy i was afraid it was too windy for them to put up the bounce house but the company we ordered it from said it would be ok.  Luckily, despite the cold temps the girls had a blast jumping around and that helped them stay warm.

I still can’t believe they had to bundle up in coats in mid-May!





Elin was super excited for the mermaid cake and cupcakes and even more excited when I showed her the number 4 candle!!





It was a bit chaotic during the gift opening because all the girls were so excited to check everything out and play with everything right away.




Before the girls went back out to bounce some more we had a pinata.  Elin had been asking for one ever sense she enjoyed one at someone else’s party.   I was so glad that the Mermaid we found was just one where you pull the strings and not one you have to hit in order for the candy to fall out.  We made all the way to the last string before it broke and all the candy came out!




Look at these cute girls!  Such sweet friends!


I am so glad this girl had a good day and enjoyed her party, friends and bounce house.  She is honestly the sweetest, kindest and cutest little four year old around and was ever so deserving of her special day.



  1. I love Elin’s outfit. She looks so sweet and happy. Bounce houses are always a great idea for a birthday party. You did such a great job. 🙂

  2. Love it! Love the bounce house pics and the cupcake pics. So sweet all those girls, esp surrounding the gifts haha. Group present opening!

  3. That last picture is so cute!! Elin looks so grown up all of the sudden. Looks like she had a wonderful time with her friends, despite the cold. How cool is it that you rented a bounce house too?! I bet you scored some serious cool mom points lol!

  4. What a fun party theme! She is just adorable!

  5. Elin is just the sweetest! I’ve never seen a pinata like that. So cool!

  6. Don’t you just want to jump in the bounce house with them!?! Your daughter is just the sweetest. I live the picture of her ready to blow out her candle, so cute.

  7. Adorable photos! I’ve never seen the string type of pinata before. Much less scary than letting kids loose with a bat. Everyone looks like they had an amazing time. Glad she enjoyed her day. She’s such a cutie!