End of the School Year



Look at how much Elin grew from her first day of three year Preschool to her last day! I remember thinking she looked so grown up on her first day of school, but looking back she had such a baby face compared to the end of the school year.

She had such an amazing first year with great teachers and classmates and she is already looking forward to going back for four year Preschool.

Before her last day of school she had a couple of fun activity days that I had the opportunity to be a part of since I am currently home on maternity leave.


First up was trike day. All the kids in her class brought in their trikes and they had a little track that they raced around and played on at the end of the school day. The day before, Elin got 3 shots at her 4 year check up so her little legs were pretty sore that morning and throughout the day, but she did a good job anyways.

They even had a little gas station set up to pretend to fuel up their trikes.






I love how they even created their own little nameplates on the back.



The last day of school was a fun picnic at a local park. They started with prayer, singing, and then awards. Elin got awards for reading the most books in class and one for all the memory verses she said each week. I was shocked to learn that she had the second highest score for the memory verses because even though we learned them almost every week, she would often come home and say that she forgot to tell them to her teacher. She must have remembered more than she thought.


I am so proud of Elin and how well she did her first year of school. Her teachers and even other parents would stop and tell me that every time they walked in the classroom in the morning to drop off their child or if  they came in the class to help that Elin had a big smile on her face and was so happy.

Now I am working on taking her awards, artwork, and pictures from her first year and putting them together in some sort of archival or memory book. If you have an awesome way you keep and preserve your child’s memories please comment below.


  1. I love the pretend gas station they made! Sometimes it feels like gas costs $16.50 lol! Elin grew so much from the beginning of the year till the end. Why won’t these kids just stop growing?!

  2. What a precious and creative thing for the kids to do!!!!!! <3<3<3

  3. Ugh they grow up just too fast for my liking. It’s so bittersweet how a school year will change them. I’m not looking forward to they day that Mason loses his baby face. I love their little bike party, the gas pump is just too cute!

  4. Oh wow, she really did grow so much. Even the little sign looked so much bigger in that first pic, back when she was tiny. Love all the tricycle pics. What a fun way to wrap up the year!

  5. She grew SO much! My 4 year old’s best friend at preschool this year was named Elin. 🙂 I hope she has a wonderful Summer. The teachers at the preschool my kids attended put together a memory book throughout the year and gave it to us on the last day. They just used an extra large 3-ring binder and those sheet inserts and filled it with schoolwork, photos, awards and other items in chronological order. It is awesome!

  6. aww the trike race track is super cute! And she sure sprouted from first day to last day, amazing how that works when you compare.