Elin’s 4th Birthday


A couple of weeks ago was Elin’s fourth birthday! I am so behind on posting but I don’t want to forget to post about her big day! Elin was super excited about turning four and she was sure to let everyone know it. I think every cashier in our town knows that she was turning four and having a mermaid party. She always tells every cashier in any store that we go into that she is a big sister and has a baby brother named Grayson.

A couple weeks before her birthday I took her to The Flying cupcake to order cupcakes for her class. In hindsight it would have been fun to make them with her for her class, but in reality her birthday was just a month post Grayson’s birth so ordering them seemed like a better plan. She chose to order minis and wanted half of them pink and half orange because those are her two favorite colors. Then we went to Target and bought treat bags and all the items to fill them and she helped me make them for her classmates.

The big day had arrived so we came during the latter part of the school day to bring he cupcakes for her little celebration at school.



She enjoyed all the kiddos singing to her for her birthday and having us there to see her. She also LOVED showing off her little brother and all the kids were so excited to see a baby.

Can you spot Grayson enjoying story time, too?



After school we had asked her if she wanted to go anywhere special like the Zoo or a jump house place but all she wanted to do was go home and open presents! So, we let her open a few and then she opened up more after her nap later in the afternoon.


I love this picture of her running towards her presents. She was soooo excited!


She was so excited to get her Disney Tsums Tsums. She is CRAZY about those little things.


She also got a few lego sets, books, and a stuffed animal.

Her big item was a big girl bike!


She is most excited about the basket so she can “pick up small animals as she rides around town” so she says. I can just see her riding around with some neighbor’s small cat in there.

She loves it but she is also a little scared of it still and it will take some time for her to get more comfortable riding it.

It’s so unreal that little Elin is already 4 years old! I’m sure before I know another year will have gone by.

Elin’s birthday party with friends was the weekend before her birthday. I’ll share details and pictures soon.


  1. Hahaha “Pick up small animals as she rides around town” that’s too funny. I don’t blame you for ordering cupcakes especially after have a baby, that would have been tough. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I love the tassel garland and how you decorated you mantle!

  2. So cute, she looks way too grown up on her big girl bike! Odette wanted a bike really bad this year, but I think 4 is the perfect age to get a big girl bike 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, how is she 4 already?? I love her idea for that bike basket. That so would’ve been me as a kid. I brought home a couple stray cats, and one dog, none of which my mom let me keep 😉 Glad she had a great bday. Happy Birthday Elin!

  4. She looks so grown up on that big bike! Happy 4th Birthday!