Grayson’s 1 month Update



Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz
Height:  24 inches
Head Size:  14.5
Clothes: Newborn
Diapers: Newborn


How has it already been a month?!?! Time is already flying and Grayson is already officially a one month old. He has been a pretty good baby so far. The first couple of weeks he slept all the time! It was hard to get him to wake up for feedings and stay awake. Then he did a week or 2 of cluster feeding at night and now just this past week he was making stretches of 5-8 hours between feedings at night! Not bad! There is still not a pattern to his schedule yet and he likes to shake it up for me often so that I have no idea if he is going to stay up between feedings or sleep, but that is to be expected.


He likes to be held and jiggled around or patted a lot when he is awake. He has also been enjoying his swing more and more each passing week. He is learning how to suck his thumb but having trouble keeping it held in there.

He has already rolled over from his stomach to his back 3 times at one week of age! He is very strong and is constantly working on lifting his head and keeping it up on his own.

He has been enjoying walks and being outside in the fresh air. It usually lulls him right to sleep.




Elin still continues to be pretty smitten with her new little brother and loves to lay on his activity mat with him and keep him entertained.

He is still a little yellow from breastfeeding jaundice. His pediatrician said that it’s common in breastfeed babies and that it will go away in a couple of months. I think it goes away a little each day.




  1. Love these pictures with him the chair! I used to take pictures of Odette in the same chair and it’s amazing how fast they grow each month! Glad to hear that he’s been a relatively good sleeper 🙂 I’d call 5-8 hours a night a total win!!

  2. So cute! Happy 1 month!

  3. Oh my goodness, he is just the most precious little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE that Elin is a fan of him! <3

  4. What a sweet little boy. I wish I had started blogging when my son was so little. (I didn’t start until he was 18 months old.) I just love these adorable pictures; here’s to a happy first month.

  5. He’s so adorable and alert already! I love those tiny little leg rolls and that elephant is adorable.

  6. What a precious boy! Yay for good sleep!

  7. Already a month! He looks so much like Elin! Love love love.

  8. Oh goodness he is just the sweetest!