It’s all worth it

Today is Mother’s Day. This is my first Mother’s Day with Grayson and my fourth with Elin. As a Linqia storyteller, I often get opportunities to share my experiences with different brands. This Mother’s Day, I am also thinking back on how often Gerber products have helped me nourish and outfit my children. Whether it be onesies, bibs, baby foods, or healthy toddler snacks, Gerber has always been a top choice for me.

If you were to ask me how I feel this Mother’s Day, I would tell you that I am really, really tired from having to feed a not quite one month old child. Keeping up with a breastfeeding baby that still cluster feeds and adding in a pumping schedule is quite time consuming and can take some away hours of precious sleep, but when you look at your sweet baby’s face, you know that it’s all worth it. I remember thinking when Elin was an infant that she reminded me of the Gerber baby and I think Grayson kind of looks like the Gerber baby too!


Even thought I spend the majority of the time with Grayson tending to his needs right now, I can still count on Elin to notice when I finally have a free moment because she quickly calls out to me play with her. I am usually ready for a free moment and don’t necessarily want to sit down on the floor to play legos, tsum tsums or whatever else she has in store but I do it anyway because she has waited patiently for me to finish up tending to Grayson and when she looks up at me with a big smile and tells me that she has fun playing with me, I know that it has all been worth it.

I know that Mother’s Day is where you are supposed to celebrate the Mother and think of all the hard work and selfless acts that she does, but I think it’s also a great time to stop and look at your kids and think about how if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be a mother. I definitely feel that for me, it’s all worth it!

What are your thoughts this Mother’s Day? Are there some specific moments or feelings that have really brought it home for you and you truly felt that “it’s all worth it“?


  1. Well said! That picture is so beautiful!! Happy Mother’s Day, Chrissy! XO

  2. Beautiful! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and your TWO babies spoiled you rotten!

  3. That picture is just darling!

  4. Sweetest pic!

  5. I’m only one month in to this whole mom of two thing and it’s hard! Not that I’m telling you anything new! 🙂 But seeing my two year old interact with my newborn has just been the best thing ever!

  6. Oh this pic! I think I had this in mind when we tried doing newborn photos, but I just wound up with pictures of crying babies instead 😉 This post brings back so many memories of right after Declan was born. The cluster feeding, the sleepiness, the never having a moment without a baby on you, and you’re so right, it’s all worth it. And it goes by so fast. Happy belated Mother’s Day! You’re doing an amazing job.

  7. I agree. No matter how rough the day/week may go, I know more than ever, that it’s just amazing to be a Momma and that the long days and hard nights are totally worth it.

  8. No truer words than “it’s all worth it”! I hope you had a great Mother’s day with your sweet babies!

  9. Oh man I remember those early days with Bodhi, they were SO tough! He was such a cluster feeder too! I hope things are improving for you!!