Surprizamals Unboxing


Please tell me that your preschooler loves to watch unboxing videos on YouTube as much as Elin does. She loves to watch all those toy videos where they open up the plastic eggs for a surprise toy inside or she will watch where they open up Tsum Tsums or Shopkins. All of them having the surprise element to them. I joke with her all the time asking her when she is planning on starting her own YouTube channel where she films her own unboxings, so I was thrilled when the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company reached out to us and sent us some samples of their new Surprizamals.


Surprizamals are adorable stuffed animals that come in a hidden in a plastic ball so it’s a complete surprise which stuffed animal you are getting. They also have a sheet of stickers featuring the stuffed animal inside and a collector’s guide. There are currently 12 characters to collect but over 60 new characters are coming out in 2016.

Elin’s face lit up when they came in the mail and when it was finally time to check them out.




She got Gemma the unicorn, Jones the kittcn and Moe the bear. According to the collector guide, Moe is very rare so we were very lucky to get him! The little stuffed animals were so soft and cute. In fact, I was really surprised at just how soft these little stuffed animals were! Elin was thrilled with them.




Elin is already talking about which ones she is hoping to get next and she is eager to see what new ones they are going to come out with later.  They retail from $2.99-$4.99 and are available exclusively at



I think the price point is fair for these little cuties and they have held Elin’s interest more than just the initial surprise. She has been playing with the stuffed animals and the stickers every since she opened them. Elin and I are both looking forward to adding to her new collection of Surprizamals.


Disclaimer: These were sent to me for review but the opinions are all my own.


  1. I’ve never seen these before but they are so cute! I’m sure Odette would love them : )

  2. OMG! Mason does too! His favorite is Ryan’s Toy Review Egg Surprise. He will watch it over and over and over again. I’ll have to check them out, he’ll love them. Elin’s expression in the last one is priceless, she is adorable!

  3. Oh my her excited face! Those are so much fun.

  4. This is adorable! And yes, Ez is obsessed with those videos too. Who would’ve thought watching other people open toys would be so thrilling to kids?