My Little Starlet Dancer


Elin has been dancing for 2 years now but this is the first year she was old enough to be in the dance recital.

She had been practicing the dance for months and I had been explaining to her how she would be on a big stage just like we when saw the Nutcracker and that we would all be the audience watching her. I don’t think she really believed me but she finally did when we had her dress rehearsal at the theatre downtown.


The rehearsal was just a week after Grayson was born and that was the first time I was away from him for a few hours. The rehearsal was the only time you could take flash photography since it was prohibited during the actual recital, so all my pictures are from the rehearsal–but my pictures did not turn out that great.


DSCN3524 - Copy



I was a little worried that Elin might try to go her own dance moves that she was fond of incorporating when we practiced, but luckily she stuck to the routine that was choreographed for them— and she did a great job!

Practicing the finale.


As a surprise, her aunt Jenni came to see her during the rehearsal and brought her some beautiful flowers and a book called, “The day before my dance recital.”



Here is come pictures with her friends backstage.




Elin did such a good job on the day of her actual recital. I could not take any pictures during the show but got a few pictures after the show.


Here she is with her teacher, Ms. Katie.


The director of the studio, Ms. Beverly.


My friend Diana came to see her and brought her the lovely ballerina Peppa doll.


And a not flattering picture of Elin and me.


I am so proud of Elin for doing such a good job and not getting scared on stage.


  1. This is the most precious thing ever! I did ballet when I was little and I’m so excited for Odette to join. I’m thinking we’ll start her in classes this fall 🙂 Elin looked so cute in her tutu and lined up with her friends! I bet you loved every second of it too!

  2. She is adorable!!!

  3. That’s so cute! And any pictures are better than no pictures, you got some great ones to remember her very first recital!

  4. Aww! I can’t handle the cuteness of her little dance outfit! Good job Elin. What an exciting day 🙂