Elin and Grayson


As I mentioned in my earlier post, Elin was not able to come to the hospital to meet her new little brother due to strict flu restrictions the hospital was enforcing. So their first meeting wasn’t until we got home from the hospital. It was so cute how excited Elin was to see him and show him off to everyone that was there to greet him.



He may not look impressed at their first meeting, but it was his first time outside and it was super windy and he was due for a feeding.

Just look at this proud big sister.




It has only been 2 weeks so far, but Elin just loves to sit and watch her brother as he sleeps, plays on his activity mat, or his swing.


She has been such a super helper so far and I just hope that she continues to be enthralled with him as he grows.


  1. So sweet! Seeing siblings interact is so darn cute!

  2. Heart melted! This is just too sweet!

  3. Oh my goodness, these pictures are so, so cute! I bet Elin is a great big sister!

  4. Oh my goodness look at her! This is so sweet. I have a picture of Abigail in the rocker holding Mabel and it is still one of my all time favorite pictures. Just absolutely precious.

  5. That’s the sweetest thing! Isn’t it amazing how great having two is? 🙂 I love seeing those relationships grow and it will only become more special. My two are so close. What a great big sister.

  6. Oh my gosh, why do the older siblings have to look so big when a new baby comes home! It’s like they grow up over night when that happens!!!

  7. Soooo precious! She looks like she will be the best big sister!