Sprinkled with Love: Two Baby Sprinkles


I haven’t gotten around to posting much about baby boy on the way becasue it has been pretty busy getting everything ready for this arrival. There are still a few things I would like to get done and we are down to only 2 days to go! Lord, help me. However, he has already gotten spoiled along with me by getting two lovely baby sprinkles to celebrate his arrival!

The first sprinkle was thrown my a few of my co-workers and held at a beautiful bakery called The Cake Bake Shop. My pictures do not do this place justice. It is so beautiful inside and is owned and operated by Gwendolyn Rogers who has been featured on The Food Network many times for her amazing cakes and desserts.




Don’t all these desserts look amazing? I am very eager to come back here to try some new things! It’s dangerously close to where I get my hair cut so I will be coming back for sure.

Two of the hostesses and me.


I love this picture of me and my co-workers. Since they all work insane hours and go from nights to days it can be hard to get us together after work for any sort of event. I was so grateful for all them who came and celebrated with us.



The cake was so beautiful with the carriage on top. It was a strawberry and vanilla cake and it was delicious! The macaroons were rose flavored! It sounds so odd but was so good!





My second sprinkle was thrown by my two dear friends at a local restaurant that we all love called Stone Creek.


The cake and the cookies were so delicious and looked exactly like the invitations! I love the gray, navy and elephants.



Me and the hostesses: Diana and Jill.


We had a lovely lunch on a Sunday and Elin had to miss the beginning becasue her preschool class was singing in church for a special program they had been working on for weeks, but luckily she made it in time to open presents and have cake. She loved helping me open all the presents and hearing about what all the items were for and how the baby will use them. She even got a little big sister present.



I am so grateful for all my family and friends who came out to celebrate with us!


  1. That first place is gorgeous and those cakes look AMAZING!! So glad you were spoiled before baby boy comes :)!

  2. So many yummy looking desserts in this post! You’re killing me 😉 And those elephant cookies…I think I need those for Declan’s first birthday. I just realized these might be the first pregnancy pictures I’ve seen, and you’ve definitely got that glow. You look great, mama! Can’t believe it’s down to the wire for baby boy’s arrival. Where did the time go?? I’m going to be checking back daily looking for his birth announcement. So excited for you!

  3. Your sprinkles were both so beautiful. What amazing friends you have. The cakes look so yummy!

  4. Oh my! What gorgeous little parties! Your friends sure do know how to spoil a girl! I’m getting so excited for you guys!

  5. Ohhh these are both adorable sprinkles!!! Such sweet memories! PS- CONGRATS on your baby BOY!!!!!! God bless you all!