Easter 2016


Easter has come and gone so quickly this year! There was hardly any time to enjoy the season. However, Elin still got to participate in 3 egg hunts and had lots of fun.


The first egg hunt she went to was at her Nanny and Papa’s church. This was our second year participating and it was a lot more crowded this year, but I think Elin had a lot more fun with her cousin Max and friend Lydia there with her.



These two were quite anxious to get started hunting their eggs.


Take a look at that running stance. She was certainly ready to run and understood the concept this year of wanting to run fast and further out.



She collected up quite a few eggs but was pretty good about not getting into them until we got home. There were some story time activities and refreshments that she enjoyed as well.




Nanny and Papa came over after the hunt to see her open her eggs and to give her some Easter treats.


The next day was Easter and I was very excited for her to check out her basket and have another egg hunt with eggs the bunny left her.


She was very excited with all her many treats and surprises.




Then it was finally time for her to hunt eggs outside.


She was so very pleased to see that some of her eggs held Tsum Tsums which are her new favorite toys! She got a few of the small soft plush ones but she really loves the little rubber figurines.



Little Angel enjoyed watching all the excitement.


Then i was time to go to visit the cousins and start hunt number 3.



They all found many eggs.  Elin was convinced that the eggs with dollar bills were empty so she was quite upset when she found those! I think we eventually convinced her that it wasn’t bad to get those and to stop throwing those back out of her basket. Silly girl!


She had a good Easter and it was hard to believe that it’s going to be her last Easter as an only child! We are trying to soak up these last few days with her.



  1. Looks like you had an amazing Easter. You can never had too many egg hunts. They are so fun. Love Elin’s Easter outfit. It’s so cute.

  2. Love her Easter outfit, and that she was tossing back the dollar bill eggs ha. Looks like a great Easter, even if it had to be early this year.

  3. Aww, so many cute pictures of Elin! She definitely got spoiled by the Easter Bunny 🙂 I’m so excited for you, you’re getting so close to baby day!!!

  4. What a fun Easter! I can’t get over how grown up she looks in all these pictures. So funny she was throwing away the dollar bills! You can buy tsum tsums with those 😉

  5. What a fun Easter! So many pretty pictures too.