Elin and Grayson


As I mentioned in my earlier post, Elin was not able to come to the hospital to meet her new little brother due to strict flu restrictions the hospital was enforcing. So their first meeting wasn’t until we got home from the hospital. It was so cute how excited Elin was to see him and show him off to everyone that was there to greet him.



He may not look impressed at their first meeting, but it was his first time outside and it was super windy and he was due for a feeding.

Just look at this proud big sister.




It has only been 2 weeks so far, but Elin just loves to sit and watch her brother as he sleeps, plays on his activity mat, or his swing.


She has been such a super helper so far and I just hope that she continues to be enthralled with him as he grows.

Grayson’s Birth


Grayson is already 1 week old! Where does the time go? It honestly only feels like he has been here for a couple days and not an entire week. It’s amazing how time can stand still when you are hospitalized.

I went in on Sunday, April 10th for a scheduled c-section. I was supposed to call at 9am to make sure they were ready for me to come in at 10am to be prepped and then the c-section was supposed to take place at noon. Of course, when I called they said they had a larger than normal volume of laboring moms come in so they told me they would call me when it was time to come in. So finally at 11am they called back and said to come in at 12:30pm. Once we got to the hospital and in the labor room to be prepped, everything went by really fast. We had very sweet and amazing nurses but I was crushed when they told me what I had feared—that due to flu restrictions, Elin would not be allowed to come up and meet her little brother after he was born. I was so hoping that they would not be enforcing that. Elin did not take the news well either because I had been telling her all about coming to visit us in the hospital.


The c-section started and it was different this time because I felt more aware this time around since I had not been laboring beforehand. Grayson Rhys was finally born at 2:30pm and weighed 7 lbs and 11 oz and measured 22 inches long. As soon as I heard him cry, my OB laughed and said he peed on her right away. I was so glad to be positioned in a way to be able to see them wiping him down and measuring him. I felt like I could not see Elin at all during my surgery with her.


When we got back to the recovery room, my parents came in to see him awhile. Phil had to go and sit with Elin since she was not allowed in. She was pretty upset, but luckily we were able to Facetime with her that evening and she got to see the baby that way. Plus, she got a some special visits from my sister and my friend Diana who brought her some really cool big sister gifts. She got a picture frame with a picture of the baby in it that she got to take to school to show her teacher and friends. Plus some cool big sister books, flowers, candy, balloons, and a my little pony toy.

Here is a picture of Elin meeting her brother for the first time through Facetime.


I was only in the hospital for just over 48 hours. The recovery was more painful this time, but still not bad. Breastfeeding has been much easier this time and luckily Grayson caught on to latching quicker. I had many visitors and the time just flew. Before I knew it, it was time to go home and finally show Grayson his big sister and for Elin to meet her little brother!

More on that next time.

Here is Grayson’s going home outfit laid out waiting for him to get back from his newborn screening test.


All dressed in his going home outfit. I was nervous that this newborn outfit wouldn’t fit which is so funny because it was so big I could barely keep the pants on him.





All ready to go home in his car seat.


Welcome Baby Grayson


I am excited to announce that Grayson Rhys was born on April 10, 2016 at 2:30p.m.

He was 7lbs. 11oz and 22 inches long.

We are home and doing well. Big sister Elin was excited to meet her new baby brother.

Sprinkled with Love: Two Baby Sprinkles


I haven’t gotten around to posting much about baby boy on the way becasue it has been pretty busy getting everything ready for this arrival. There are still a few things I would like to get done and we are down to only 2 days to go! Lord, help me. However, he has already gotten spoiled along with me by getting two lovely baby sprinkles to celebrate his arrival!

The first sprinkle was thrown my a few of my co-workers and held at a beautiful bakery called The Cake Bake Shop. My pictures do not do this place justice. It is so beautiful inside and is owned and operated by Gwendolyn Rogers who has been featured on The Food Network many times for her amazing cakes and desserts.




Don’t all these desserts look amazing? I am very eager to come back here to try some new things! It’s dangerously close to where I get my hair cut so I will be coming back for sure.

Two of the hostesses and me.


I love this picture of me and my co-workers. Since they all work insane hours and go from nights to days it can be hard to get us together after work for any sort of event. I was so grateful for all them who came and celebrated with us.



The cake was so beautiful with the carriage on top. It was a strawberry and vanilla cake and it was delicious! The macaroons were rose flavored! It sounds so odd but was so good!





My second sprinkle was thrown by my two dear friends at a local restaurant that we all love called Stone Creek.


The cake and the cookies were so delicious and looked exactly like the invitations! I love the gray, navy and elephants.



Me and the hostesses: Diana and Jill.


We had a lovely lunch on a Sunday and Elin had to miss the beginning becasue her preschool class was singing in church for a special program they had been working on for weeks, but luckily she made it in time to open presents and have cake. She loved helping me open all the presents and hearing about what all the items were for and how the baby will use them. She even got a little big sister present.



I am so grateful for all my family and friends who came out to celebrate with us!

Easter 2016


Easter has come and gone so quickly this year! There was hardly any time to enjoy the season. However, Elin still got to participate in 3 egg hunts and had lots of fun.


The first egg hunt she went to was at her Nanny and Papa’s church. This was our second year participating and it was a lot more crowded this year, but I think Elin had a lot more fun with her cousin Max and friend Lydia there with her.



These two were quite anxious to get started hunting their eggs.


Take a look at that running stance. She was certainly ready to run and understood the concept this year of wanting to run fast and further out.



She collected up quite a few eggs but was pretty good about not getting into them until we got home. There were some story time activities and refreshments that she enjoyed as well.




Nanny and Papa came over after the hunt to see her open her eggs and to give her some Easter treats.


The next day was Easter and I was very excited for her to check out her basket and have another egg hunt with eggs the bunny left her.


She was very excited with all her many treats and surprises.




Then it was finally time for her to hunt eggs outside.


She was so very pleased to see that some of her eggs held Tsum Tsums which are her new favorite toys! She got a few of the small soft plush ones but she really loves the little rubber figurines.



Little Angel enjoyed watching all the excitement.


Then i was time to go to visit the cousins and start hunt number 3.



They all found many eggs.¬† Elin was convinced that the eggs with dollar bills were empty so she was quite upset when she found those! I think we eventually convinced her that it wasn’t bad to get those and to stop throwing those back out of her basket. Silly girl!


She had a good Easter and it was hard to believe that it’s going to be her last Easter as an only child! We are trying to soak up these last few days with her.