Easter Basket 2016



I adore easter baskets. I love all the pastel colors and all the fun sweet things to put inside them. It’s so hard for me to not go crazy and overboard buying up all the fun little holiday themed items to go inside.

Each year it has gotten even easier to fill the basket because each year Elin likes more candy and treat options. However, in my opinion the perfect Easter basket is a good mixture of toys and candy.


Here is a closer look at the goodies in inside the basket. Almost all the items were purchased from Target aside from the stuffed bunny. Target has the best little seasonal section for stuffing Easter baskets.


A little toy stuffed bunny is a must. I mean, how can you resist? This one is a nice smaller size from Pottery Barn Kids and is literally the softest little bunny in the world. This was not the mini size although those are quite sweet as well.

Lip smackers are a must for Elin right now. She is obsessed with putting on “lip gloss” as she calls it every morning. She usually slathers are 4 or 5 different kinds and she loves to put it on so thick that she gives herself a pink mustache. I really tried to not get the chap stick but I just know she will love it. She will also love the little chick topper which doubles as wee key chain. Something fun to hang on the book bag zipper.

I’m not sure how the hatchable eggs will turn out. I thought they might be fun for her to try out and then the bunny popper is just for a fun toy as well. I’m sure the balls will promptly get lost but I couldn’t resist.

Note: I usually put a book in there and was shocked that I had forgotten. So even though it’s not pictured I found a Easter themed coloring and sticker book.


Now on the edible items. Elin mentioned she was hoping the bunny would bring her a lollipop so I found one in the shape of a Peep and an actual Peep pop. She loves carrots and carrot themed candy so I was excited to find the carrot chocolates, jelly beans, and starburst tube. She has started to really like Sweettarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds so I scooped those up and of course she LOVES Pez. These packs of Pez were a good deal since they came with many refills so she is getting two of those.

I also picked up one of the little cartons of Gold fish crackers. They just looked so springy!


What cool things did you find this year for the Easter basket? Any things that you find to be essentials?


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  1. Her Easter basket is adorable! She will be so happy when she wakes up Easter morning.

  2. I love your basket! What a perfect combo of food and toys!

  3. So many cute picks! I’m sure Elin will love it!!

  4. What a fun Easter basket! I love the personalized cover. I used to love Pez so much as a kid, it’s been forever since I had some. And Peeps are one of my Easter faves. Yum!

  5. Elin is going to love all the goodies in her basket. What a lucky girl! I love the bunny stuffed animal. She can come share some of her candy with me. 😉

  6. Love all the fun toys you found! I think our Targeting was lacking this year. I should have looked at the bigger one. Aria would love the pez!

  7. I love all the candy. My post is still a draft (because I need pictures!) but I mentioned that candy was always a tradition when I was a kid and I plan on continuing it. I love the fun little toys as well. Great basket!

  8. Beautiful basket!! I think it’s the beautiful colors and springy feel that have Easter baskets as one of my favorites too. 🙂 Just think, you’ll have TWO baskets next year..!! 🙂

  9. Look at all those goodies!!

  10. Oh my gosh…that bunny is too precious!! <3

  11. Seeing all those goodies makes me want to have a cheat day! I love how her basket turned out and how it’s personalized; too cute! She’s going to love, I know I do!

  12. How fun! I just love that basket – since Hattie & Elin are basket twins! Great choices, now I want to run out and load up more stuff!

  13. Cute basket! I love that adorable bunny!

  14. Give me all the Peeps! I bought some Sees goodies for the girls baskets after I took pictures (oops lol) but the treats is the best part 🙂 A coloring book, genius idea!

  15. Love the basket liner! Super cute!