Changing Table/Dresser Organization

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I recently moved Elin’s old dresser/baby changing table to the new nursery and I had the chance to start from scratch and re-organize everything. I always felt that Elin’s dresser was disorganized and therefore I was always having to search around to find items and then I would find items shoved in the back that didn’t get near enough use because I had forgotten they even existed. So it was my goal to not have that happen anymore and to make sure this time the changing table was better served with organized drawers and to make everything easily accessible and like items grouped together.

The first thing I did was purchase my favorite Ikea Skubb Drawer Organizers. Since I do not live close to an Ikea I am so glad that these can purchased on Amazon now! I have recently placed several orders to get all our dresser drawers organized. To get 12 organizers for less than $30 is a phenomenal deal in my opinion and I love that they are white and thin therefore not taking up a lot of space in the actual drawer.


If you have read or heard about the popular Marie Kondo method of cleaning and organization, she is against purchasing special organizers and containers for organizing. She believes that would make one keep more than they should, but honestly I think in drawers you need separate containers to keep items corralled together. It just makes organizing easier and I am all about making it easier.



The next thing I did was group all like items together and then that helped me figure out which organizers they fit in. Next, I started figuring out the configurations of what items should be in the top drawers and which items should be next to each other.

The diaper drawer is still a work in progress as I gather last minute items like diaper rash cream, lotion, extra wipes, etc.




My newest tip and trick is rolling everything! Why? For starters, it looks pretty! Although the main reason to do is is when you fold and stack, two things happen. The items at the bottom the stack never get seen or used–especially if you do have excess of something. You use the first few items and wash and re-fold and throw them back at the top of the stack. Those poor items at the bottom of the pile get neglected. Secondly, folding causes creases and winkles in items and to me I think it’s just really hard to fold neatly and keep items stacked neatly. No matter how hard I try, I feel like the stack looks all haphazard and messy.



Not everything had to be rolled, but I did with the socks, onesies, and blankets. I like that it helps me see everything I have and therefore hopefully I don’t forget what I own.

I do this in all my drawers. I just re-organized Elin’s new dresser and all her socks and pajamas got rolled as well. It’s so much cleaner and organized now. I love it! No more searching for missing sock mates and the bottoms to match a certain top of her pajamas.


I hope some of these pictures inspired you to re-organize your drawers and try rolling something. I love looking at pictures of other organized spaces to pull some inspiration for my own house.

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Easter Basket 2016



I adore easter baskets. I love all the pastel colors and all the fun sweet things to put inside them. It’s so hard for me to not go crazy and overboard buying up all the fun little holiday themed items to go inside.

Each year it has gotten even easier to fill the basket because each year Elin likes more candy and treat options. However, in my opinion the perfect Easter basket is a good mixture of toys and candy.


Here is a closer look at the goodies in inside the basket. Almost all the items were purchased from Target aside from the stuffed bunny. Target has the best little seasonal section for stuffing Easter baskets.


A little toy stuffed bunny is a must. I mean, how can you resist? This one is a nice smaller size from Pottery Barn Kids and is literally the softest little bunny in the world. This was not the mini size although those are quite sweet as well.

Lip smackers are a must for Elin right now. She is obsessed with putting on “lip gloss” as she calls it every morning. She usually slathers are 4 or 5 different kinds and she loves to put it on so thick that she gives herself a pink mustache. I really tried to not get the chap stick but I just know she will love it. She will also love the little chick topper which doubles as wee key chain. Something fun to hang on the book bag zipper.

I’m not sure how the hatchable eggs will turn out. I thought they might be fun for her to try out and then the bunny popper is just for a fun toy as well. I’m sure the balls will promptly get lost but I couldn’t resist.

Note: I usually put a book in there and was shocked that I had forgotten. So even though it’s not pictured I found a Easter themed coloring and sticker book.


Now on the edible items. Elin mentioned she was hoping the bunny would bring her a lollipop so I found one in the shape of a Peep and an actual Peep pop. She loves carrots and carrot themed candy so I was excited to find the carrot chocolates, jelly beans, and starburst tube. She has started to really like Sweettarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds so I scooped those up and of course she LOVES Pez. These packs of Pez were a good deal since they came with many refills so she is getting two of those.

I also picked up one of the little cartons of Gold fish crackers. They just looked so springy!


What cool things did you find this year for the Easter basket? Any things that you find to be essentials?


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Elin 3.5 Year Update

Elin is long over due on a 3.5 year old update! Since turning 3.5 she has learned that she will become a big sister just before she turns 4! She is super excited for the baby and I think she will be wonderful with helping out with the baby. She transitioned from her toddler bed to a twin bed. She loves her new bed and I have gotten her to cut down on all the stuffed animals in there. She still has her favorites with her.




She has been working on her first recital dance and will perform for the first time in about a month and a half.


She has been in school now for 6.5-7 months and still continues to love it. I’ve gotten to attend many field trips and classroom parties which has been a fun way to see her interacting with all her little friends.


She is very interested in letter and words and is constantly asking me what the first letter in certain words are. So we are working on sounding out words to try to figure out what letters are in words. She has known how to spell her name for a long time now but recently she loves to practice writing it out. I am constantly amazed at all that learns and maintains.


The Stats:

Weight: 34.4 lbs
Height:  40.5 inches
Clothes:  4-5
Shoes: 8.5-9

Favorite Books:
  • Cinderella stories
  • The Little Mermaid book
  • Bunnies by the Bay
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (and similar books)
Favorite Activities:
  • Drawing people and Disney characters
  • Dancing
  • Putting on chap stick (she calls it lip gloss) and pretending to put on makeup
  • LEGO
  • Play-doh
  • Calico Critters
  • Painting
  • Watching youtube videos of old Mickey episodes, toy unboxings, and other random cartoon and sing alongs
  • Tablet games: ThinkRolls (a problem-solving game) and Pet Doctor
Favorite Foods:
  • Mini Pancakes
  • Pretzels
  • Baby carrots
  • Princess Godfish crackers
  • Scrambled eggs and cheese