Elin’s Valentine’s


Last week was Elin’s Valentine’s Day party at school and I was in charge of the games. She was so excited when I came in the classroom early to set up. The assistant teacher was out that day, so when I got there I helped Elin and some of her classmates pass out their Valentines before the party started.


Then it was time for the party. Coming up with fun ideas to entertain 3-4 year olds is not easy. After trying to think of creative ideas, I gave up and decided to purchase a Valentine-themed ring toss and bean bag game.


I think all the kids liked the games and it was something I can use for the next couple of years for class parties.


Then I just got a simple foam craft where the kids decorated little puppies. They all seemed to enjoy that as well.


Then after a special snack I passed out conversation hearts and had them stack them to see who could make the highest stacks and then sort them by color.




After the party, Elin was eager to check out all the Valentines she got from her classmates.






I think she could get used to opening all these special treats from friends.


Then here are some pictures of Elin opening her gifts from us on Valentine’s day.


She loved her singing and dancing bunny, Disney Tsum Tsums, stickers, and Sweetarts.


She was certainly spoiled but so worth it. She is our little Valentine!



  1. What a fun Valentine’s party! Good job coming up with all those games. Those little tsum tsums are so cute. I bought some for Declan for valentine’s day too. Glad Elin had a great Valentine’s Day 🙂

  2. Looks like Elin had a great Valentine’s Day! Her party at school looked really nice.

  3. How fun!! I love her adorable outfit!

  4. So sweet! Elin looked so excited to get her gifts 🙂 I just love Valentine’s Day with little ones!