Blogger Valentine Exchange 2016

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and I was so excited to participate in another blogger Valentine exchange.  Elin was thrilled as well.  She has been so eager to open up all the mail that has been coming her way and finally it was time for her to check out all the beautiful Valentines.


All the Valentines were so creative and it looked like everyone spent a lot of time and effort to make their lovely creations.


Elin was so excited she was literally shaking and smiling the whole time.


Of course some of her favorites had edible items.


After she opened all the Valentines, we chose to display them on some pink baker’s twine, then I used tiny white clothes pins to hang them.  It makes the playroom look so festive.



Here is a closer look at all the creations.




Here are the Valentines we sent to everyone and here is the post about how we made them.


Here is a link to the Valentine exchange from last year.  These have been so much fun and a great way to get toddlers excited with mail.

Check out the posts from all the other fantastic bloggers in the exchange.

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Jess & Abbie @ Being Mrs. Beer

Elizabeth & Mason @ Chasin’ Mason

Liz & Jude @ Ellie and Addie

Crystal & Mason @ Hall Around Texas

Desiree, Marcus, & Julia @ Macke Monologues

Natalie & Blair @ Nat Your Average Girl

Sara, Mac, & Mim @ Running From the Law

Jess, Cameron, & Louise @ Scott Family of Maine

Jessica, Cameron, & Emerson @ Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

Sarah, Brantley, & Holden @ Seeing All Sides

Karli, Kaye, & Sawyer @ September Farm

Chrissy & Elin @ Simple Joys Blog

Courtney & Aria | Sweet Turtle Soup

Meghan & Noah @ The Adventure Starts Here

Stephanie & Connor | Wife Mommy Me

Whitney, Kinsey, & Brielana @ Work It Mommy


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  1. Our playroom is amazing!!! Love how you hung the Valentine’s. I spy ours. 🙂

  2. So cute, Elin looked so excited to get her Valentines!

  3. We loved your valentine and so cute how to hang them! We loved your shovel and it is getting a lot of tub usage right now!

  4. Cam LOVED your Valentine and has been using the shovel in the snow!! 🙂 LOVE how you displayed them – so cute!

  5. I love how you displayed the Valentines! I did something similar but I like yours better! 😉 Fun seeing pictures of our Valenines scattered across the country!

  6. You have no idea what a huge hit your Valentines were at our house! Starburst AND a shovel?!! It blew Mac’s mind. Thanks so much!! Love your display!

  7. I literally clicked every blog to see who made the I dig you v-day cards! Should have known it was you. You’re so creative! xoxo

  8. Mason loved the Valentine and couldn’t wait to chomp down on those Starbursts! Those are his favorites and all of his favorite flavors. He was ecstatic when I told him that he could finally eat them. ha! They were precious. What a fun exchange!!

  9. The shovel was a big hit! I’m sure she will lose it in the backyard in no time. I have no idea how she is so talented at misplacing things. And so sweet that Elin was so excited to open them all!

  10. I want to move into your playroom! So pretty! Yours was the first valentines to arrive and it set the bar high my friend! 🙂

  11. Yours was a big hit!!
    And how adorable is Elin and her excitement over the packages. Opening the mail box has never been so fun!

  12. We loooved your valentine, Jude has been carrying around the shovel every day since we opened them!

  13. Oh my gosh, how CUTE is Elin waiting to open all those valentines??? So sweet! I love how excited she was.
    We loved your valentine over here! Mason loved playing with the shovel in the sand and I loved the Starburst so it was a total win win for everyone!

  14. Your display is perfect and I love how excited she got! It reminds me of Noah’s face when he opened your Valentine! I have it on video and he was so excited for starbursts!


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