At the beginning of the year I saw that many bloggers picked a word to represent the new year and what they wanted to focus on for the whole year. I didn’t take the time to think much about it, but so far the words I want to focus on this year are decluttering and organization.

My main issue is that I keep a lot of stuff because of sentimental value attributed to the item and I just have simply too much stuff. I always think that even if I don’t use it now, I will someday. We have an unfinished basement, so there is plenty of room to store items and it’s often times a lot easier to just keep an item. However, I want to change my own mindset and start purging items I don’t need. I think I truly want to be a minimalist.

I am so inspired to keep organizing and purging items that I am getting a slight obsession with it. I recently read the #1 New York Times Best Seller, “The life-changing magic of tidying up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing“.  This may sound like it would be a very boring book, but it was really interesting and had so many interesting stories and tips in there that really stuck with me as I have been working on 0n parting with  items and not holding on to unnecessary items. I highly recommend reading this book if you are trying to motivate yourself or keep yourself motivating in decluttering and organizing.



My obsession with organizing has also lead me to check out other bloggers and YouTubers who specialize in organization. These are some of my favorites:

I Heart Organizing

Pretty Neat Living

At Home with Nikki

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Let me know if there are others that you recommend.

Since I love seeing how others organize, I will start taking pictures as I go along. I wish I would have done that as I have been organizing for the past couple of weeks.

Here are some products I have recently bought to aid in organizing that I am really excited about. Now, if you follow the rules from the Marie Kondo book above, she discourages from spending money on fancy organization items and baskets. When people buy organizers, they tend to keep items because they “fit” as opposed to getting rid of the items. I can see that logic, but at the same time organizers just help aid in the look and functionality of the items you do keep.



This spinning lipstick tower is from The Original Beauty Box and I just received mine in the mail. I ordered white to match my makeup area. I can’t wait to go through all my makeup (hopefully getting rid of lots of old items) and organizing it into this compact system. It holds 72 lipsticks and 16 compacts and it spins which is fun.

Large Woven Rectangular Storage Basket - Grey and White - Room Essentials™

This basket from Target is light weight and affordable. It’s only $12.99 and I have bought four recently. I used two in my linen closet organization to put linens in because I cannot make sheets look pretty folded and I can’t stand how they look on the shelves, so I thought a basket to keep them in just looked better. Then I also currently have two in the trunk of my SUV. I use one to hold items I am taking with me to return, or when I buy items I put the bags in there so they are not rolling around in my trunk. The other one has a spare blanket and other items in case of an emergency.

I would love to hear how you stay organized and if you have any great tips!


  1. I too am majorly into decluttering right now! I have one of those target baskets but in a different shape… And I love it!

  2. I’ve heard really great things about that book! I’ve been trying to slowly declutter our house too. I keep so many things because of sentimental value and I definitely need to work on that.

  3. Love that lipstick tower! I need something for my makeup and that might just be it.

  4. It’s so hard to stay organized with kids! Every now and then I go through kicks where I just want to purge everything. Most recently was when we moved last year. I totally get the sentimental value thing, but I think that I maybe miss 1 out of 100 things that I give away, so the odds are pretty good that once it’s gone you’ll totally forget about it. Or maybe you could just do baby steps, and make a purge pile, and then leave it alone for a few months, and if you never need to get anything out of that pile then it all goes to Good Will?