“I dig you” Valentine


Elin and I have been hard at work on making Valentines already. She is passing them out at school this year and we are participating in a blogger exchange.

We made heart shaped crayons for Valentine’s day last year and I loved them so much I considered making them again but thought we should try something different.



There are so many cute ideas out there on Pinterest that it was hard to just choose one but we decided to make these fun, “I dig you” valentines. I like that there is candy and a little toy involved. I figure the shovel can be used in sand boxes and the beach this coming spring break/summer.

After searching for a printable, I finally found these and they printed great.

Toy Plastic Shovels Red White & Pink, 24 Pack, 7 Inches Tall, 24 I Dig You Stickers

Then I searched Amazon and found these red, pink and white shovels. These were the perfect size and color. I was very happy with this seller. Lastly, I decided on getting the valentine starbursts because they are a wrapped candy and I felt like it was probably better to pass out candy that was wrapped at school.  I will warn you that Elin thought she was helping by just sitting next to me and eating the starburst but I was still happy she was part of the process.



I love how they turned out and I can’t wait for her to pass them out at school. This was such a fun and easy Valentine idea.

Expecting……April 2016


2016 is going to be a big year for us because we are expecting in April 2016.

We just told Elin over the New Year holiday and she has been so excited ever since. She was even more excited to find out its a boy because she is dying for a brother.


She already talks about the baby constantly and asks me all the time if he is coming out now and when I tell her he is not, she wants to know why he can’t just come out now.

She has been loving shopping with us for baby furniture and clothes. The nursery which was a home office before is now completely empty and ready for outfitting and decorating. I am now 25 weeks so we still  have plenty of time to get it ready although I would love to finish it sooner rather than later.


She is so interested in all the things she will be able to do to help with the baby and she is taking her responsibilities seriously.


Christmas Day 2015

It’s Jan 5th and I am just now getting around to posting Christmas day pictures. Not a great way to start off the year but didn’t want to skip posting them this year.


We were up late on Christmas Eve and therefore Elin was up much later and slept in and so she didn’t even wake up until 10am and we had to wake her up! But when she get up, she was very excited to get downstairs and see what Santa had brought.


She first noticed the doll pram and was extremely excited. She had not asked for one but luckily was thrilled to find one under the tree.


Then the next big exciting item was her doll house which she calls her Calico Critter house because she specifically wanted a house to go with all the Calico critters she asked for. The house was a huge hit and cute as a button. I love all the little wooden furniture it came with and it fits her Calico Critters perfectly.



Her other big gift was an American Girl bitty baby. She has been loving pushing her new baby all over the house in her new stroller.


Santa even remembered Angel and she got some treats and a few new stuffed animals to play with.



In the afternoon we headed out to see what Elin’s cousins got for Christmas and to have Christmas dinner with the family. Elin enjoyed seeing everyone and checking out all of Max’s new toys.




I love this picture of the cousins together even though they are not looking at the camera.