Christmas Eve 2015


Christmas Eve turned out to be a nice and low key day. Elin was feeling back to her normal self which was such a relief! She spent the day playing and making sugar cookies before time to get over to Nanny and Papa’s house for the Christmas Eve celebration there.

Dinner was first which is always hard to explain to the kids that eating comes before the present opening.


I was so excited that Elin ate her ham and veggies well. She has not had much of an appetite with her sickness lately.


This year the kids drew numbers and whoever’s turn it was would go first and open all their presents before moving on to the next person. Elin was last but did such a good job watching everyone else open their presents.



Elin was so excited to see that the stockings were filled! She noticed the Peppa pig stuffed animal right away and was dying to get to it as soon as she saw it.





She was excited to see she got her first Calico Critter set. She has been eyeing these for months. Little did she know that Santa would bring several more sets and a dollhouse for them the following day.




One of the first gifts she asked for was a Peppa Pig house. She was very excited to receive it and needed  the help of her cousin Max to lift it up for pictures.


One item she didn’t ask for but turned out to be a hit was a shopping cart. She has one at Nanny’s house but doesn’t have one at home. She also received a new cash register to play with and I think is she is going to love playing with those together. For now she has been loading up her toys in it and giving them a spin around the house. Occasionally they fall through the cracks leaving trails of smaller toys in her wake.



When we got home it was so hard to get her to stop playing long enough to get ready for bed. We were all up late but anxious to see what Santa would bring Elin in the morning.


  1. I love Elin’s dress! So cute! Sounds like a great Christmas Eve. Mila got a shopping cart for Christmas as well and she LOVES it. I also spy an old school Strawberry Shortcake! Love! I didn’t know the old ones still existed! Definitely brings back memories from when I was a kid.

  2. Love it!

  3. What a great Christmas! I absolutely love Elin’s dress!! That plaid is perfection! And I can’t get over how long, gorgeous and red her hair is getting! I’m obsessed!!! It’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Elin looks adorable! Glad she wasn’t sick on Christmas. What a lesson in patience, watching everyone else open presents first! I can imagine the meltdown that would happen if we tried that with Ez. It was hard enough just explaining that not all presents are for him in the first place đŸ˜‰ Loving all the toys that I recognize from my childhood. It’s fun to see that stuff come back.