Jolly Days 2015


The day after Thanksgiving we took Elin to the children’s museum to experience the jolly days fun. She loved her first experience last year and so we made sure to get it in early this year since we are so busy with activities leading up to Christmas.


Everything was decorated beautifully as always. It was extra busy because this was the first day that Santa arrived! After walking in, we made our way to Santa right away to make sure to see him.



She was not shy about running up to him and telling him all the things she was hoping for. I could hear her talking about Calico Critters house and baby dolls.

After Santa, she went to play in the ice castle, the ice skating rink, and the kitchen. It’s funny because she didn’t care for the fake ice rink last year but this year she loved it and really pretended to ice skate for awhile.



She spent a long time in the kitchen area. That seems to be a favorite of all the kids.


I love this pic of her checking out the miniature town and train display with her Papa.



Elin stood in the long lines and rode down the slide 4 times! I think she would have done it several more times but the line was about 15-20 mins long which was a long time for her.



We stayed much longer this year and explored several different areas of the museum. Elin did not want to leave at all because she was having so much fun but we finally got her out of there with a last time checking out the big snow globe.




  1. That place looks like so much fun! Odette would die over that slide and huge snow globe. Love Elin’s festive outfit!! Perfect for holiday outings 🙂

  2. What an awesome holiday outing!!!

  3. I remember this from last year. And I remember saying I was going to see if the children’s museum near us had something similar, but I didn’t. This year I really am going to research it though because it looks so fun. Elin is having a blast in all those pictures. And that slide is no joke! What a brave girl.

  4. She is so cute! Love her outfit! And she totally rocked Santa photos!

  5. Such a sweet girl! I love her outfit! That slide is awesome!