American Girl Store

Last weekend has been a bit of a blur because I have been sick with bronchitis and feeling pretty terrible. But despite not feeling well, I had read about the opening of an American Girl store in a mall across town. Apparently American Girl has been opening temporary stores around the country for the holidays. I knew that the store would not be anything like the big American Girl Place store in Chicago but thought that it might be a fun idea to take Elin because she enjoys looking daily at a catalog that we recently received. I have been contemplating getting her a bitty baby doll for Christmas but wanted to see how she liked them in the store.

Saturday came and I wasn’t feeling so great so we didn’t head out on the hour’s drive until after lunch. When we got to the mall, I found the table where they gave away tickets to get into the opening and we were lucky because they had earlier stopped giving them out but had just started handing them out again.


We were 27 and they were letting in people with numbers 21-22 so I didn’t think we had long at all, although they told me that could still be a couple hours. So as we headed off to find Bath and Body Works to stock up on holiday candles, Elin spotted the mall train and was so excited to ride. She rode around and  had the best time waving at everyone. I snapped some pics as she rode past on my way to shop.


After the train ride, we spent a long time in the Disney Store and LEGO Store. Then it was finally our time to go in American Girl. As we waited in line to get in, Elin kept telling me wanted the Mary Ellen doll which was funny because I told her the names of the dolls once and I can’t believe she remembered! We took at look at her in the store, but I steered her back to the bitty babies because I know she is not ready for the responsibility of an older doll with tiny accessories.


They had a nice big area for the bitty babies and lots of displays of all the merchandise for the kids to play with and check out. Elin loved playing, which was a good thing because I stood in a long line at the cash register in order to buy her the doll, and she was entertained the whole time by playing.


A nice associate took the items I wanted so Elin never saw me with them. As it was getting my turn to pay, Phil left with Elin and they started to walk through the mall and to the car. By the time I made my way to the car, she was half asleep and hopefully didn’t see me walking to the car with the bags. One Christmas present down!

I’m glad we went because I think Elin had a lot of fun riding the train, playing with LEGO blocks, and looking at all the dolls.


  1. So fun! Growing up in Illinois, we went to the American Girl store in Chicago a few times 🙂 My grandma took me and my sis to the tea party there with our dolls and it was SO fun! I’m looking forward to taking Odette there when she’s a little bit older! Hopefully Elin will love her Bitty Baby 🙂 Odette got one for Christmas last year from my mom!

  2. Oh man, I would’ve loved this as a kid! I loved the American Girl books, way back when there were only four or five of them. Good job on those super stealth shopping skills. Not sure I could pull that off. Hope you’re feeling better. Ez had bronchitis a couple weeks ago too.

  3. How fun is that you guys might get an AG store! I looked it up right after reading this and they are testing the market so it might even stay! Sadly they aren’t testing in MI (I thought they might in Detroit). Elin looks like she had a blast and yay for one Christmas present marked off! Hope she enjoys it! I almost wish we had waited for Callie’s doll bc she plays with it a lot more now than she did when she first got it. But it’s been fun to watch her grow into it. Either way I think Elin will love it and she’s at a great age for the doll!!

  4. How fun!! Hooray for a fun day, and a Christmas gift that will be adored!