Arrival Day Party and Zoo Boo


Angel just celebrated her first arrival day birthday without Fiona. It was very sad to not have her there. Angel didn’t seem like she was in the partying mood, but she was very good and let me take her photo. She is 14.5 years old now.


Elin desperately wanted to get in on the photos so she sat with Angel for some photos. I love the one of them staring at each other. Elin loves Angel, but Angel is still not a huge fan of Elin. She tolerates her, but I think Angel is still just scared of Elin and thinks she is too loud.




I have no idea where Elin has learned this head tilt, but she has wanted to take pictures like that all weekend long.


Daisy came over for the party and brought some gifts. I didn’t get a good picture of them together which is a bummer. But they enjoyed some birthday treats and hopefully had a nice visit together.


Elin also go to visit Zoo boo with her Nanny and her friend, Lydia. She dressed in a Minnie Mouse dress-up outfit which is not the costume she is going to wear on Halloween, but I thought this would be better for the zoo. Plus, it was easier to layer a shirt and pants underneath it.



These two looked like they were having a blast and I’m glad they got to get there this year.




  1. Love her Minnie Dress! I saw that at Target last week 🙂 Zoo Boo looks like so much fun! XO

  2. aww how cute is she in her minnie dress! so fun. and Angel really does look a little scared of Elin lol. the photos of them together are super cute!

  3. I love that your pup got a birthday party photo shoot! And I love that she’s not a fan of the toddler – our cat is totally freaked out by the kids, so I get it! 🙂 So funny!

  4. Aww, Angel does look sad without Fiona. Sweet of her to be a good sport though. And those doggy treats look yummy. That pic of her and Elin staring at each other is my fave too. Boo at the zoo looked fun. Elin is adorable as Minnie 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness – that head tilt is way too cute… So funny!! And yay for pup birthdays 🙂

  6. Such cute snapshots!! 🙂 Happy (belated) arrival day/birthday to Angel! I’ve never seen a doggy look any cuter than she did with her party hat on! 😉 Elin was adorable as Minnie Mouse! I totally agree on Minnie being a great costume to layer with! My youngest was “Nerd Minnie” for Halloween and wore the costume as it came to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and we did the same thing as you, adding layers of black leggings and a long sleeve tee underneath for a chillier Halloween night out at home. 🙂