Elin’s First Field Trip


Elin had her very first field trip last Friday at the apple orchard. I was excited to go along with her and her class as a chaperon and see her interact with all her classmates for the first time. The first thing we did was drive out to the orchards to pick apples and fill a little bag to take home.


Then we went to see the machines that wash and polish the apples before they are bagged up to sell or made into apple cider. They went into the giant freezers to see how cold it was where they store the produce.


Then it was time for prayer and a snack of apple and apple cider. I love this picture of Elin peeking at me during the prayer portion. Despite liking applesauce, Elin was not a fan of the apple or cider.


Elin’s favorite part of the trip was getting to play on the playground and the big pile of hay bales with her classmates. She just loves all the kids in her class and her face lights up when she talks about all of them.



It was her teacher’s birthday so we put together a gift basket and everyone brought something to put it in it. The items were supposed to be things we thought she needed or a way to thank her for all that she does.


This was what Elin contributed. I thought a movie theater giftcard and theater type candy would be nice.


Elin really enjoys her teacher and I was so glad to get a good picture of them together on the field trip.


Before too long it was time to go, and luckily since I didn’t have to drive any other child back to the school, we got to stay longer so Elin had more time on the playground.



It was such a fun morning and I was so glad to get some extra special time with her.


  1. Looks like a wonderful field trip! Glad she had so much fun and that you got to go with 🙂 Also, so sweet of you guys to get her teacher a gift. I bet she loved that huge goodie bag!! XO

  2. Love! Too bad she didn’t like the cider or apple. Aria is a fan of all of the above, just not hot cider. Or warm in her case. “that’s icky” So nice that you got to go too. I love your teacher gift!

  3. What a fun trip! I love that you even got to see how they shine and bag the apples! Mila loves applesauce and apple juice, but she wasn’t a fan of the cider we gave her recently either.

  4. oh wow, this is so cool! i had no idea machines washed the apples haha, it makes sense though. I’m with Elin – cider, ew! lol. I do like apples though.

  5. What a great first field trip! We just had ours last week too. I love that giant stack of hay bales for them to climb! She’s gotten so big! So glad to hear she’s loving school!

  6. How fun! Elin seems so social and well adjusted to school life. She looks so happy in all the pictures.

  7. Oh my lands, they are all so stinking tiny and adorable!! Cutest field trip ever!