Daddy/Daughter Activities

Elin loves to spend some special time with her daddy. Awhile I go I learned about kids workshops at Home Depot but forgot about them until I was reminded of them again from Meghan from The Adventures Start Here. We signed Elin up and she ended up having an awesome time.

She got a little apron on and got all ready to make the project of the month which was a fire truck.


She got to help hammer the nails down which is the first time she was a allowed to use a real hammer.


Then she enjoyed painting the truck.



Th fire department came and talked to the kids about fire saftey and had little stations set up where they were quizzed on it and then given stickers, candy, coloring pages and crayons. Elin was in heaven with all that loot, plus she got to keep her apron, a pin for the apron, a certificate of completion, and of course the fire truck she made. She has enjoyed playing with it and admiring her handiwork.

We are definitely planning on signing her up for them every month.

Another fun activity she got to do with her daddy is she invited him to a special Dad’s event for her classroom. All the dads came to the school in the evening and brought pumpkins to carve. Then the kids preformed a couple songs they learned and shared a snack they made. They had a good time!


I think they did a pretty good job on their pumpkin, too.






  1. Oh my goodness!! This is so cute! Mike and I saw this a few weeks ago and we’ve been wanting to do this with Odette. I’m thinking next year will be better since she’ll be a little bit older 🙂 Elin looks like she had a blast! XO

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It looks like she had so much fun making the fire truck! And that pumpkin looks amazing! I’m always surprised at what 3 year olds are capable of doing!

  3. Oh, I always forget about these Home Depot activities. I really need to sign Mac up for one – he’d LOVE it!

  4. She looks like she really knew what she was doing, making that fire truck! These are some great things to do with little ones and their fathers! Cute!!

  5. Oh, I love this! I’m sure Elin just enjoys the one-on-one time with her Dad! I know that Cash loves it when just him & Luke get to hang out together.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. What fun activities! Elin’s preschool plans all kinds of fun stuff. And I’m looking up that Home Depot workshop for Ez. He’d love that.