Fall Festivals


This past weekend was the start of hopefully many fall fun activities.

On Saturday Elin, Nanny, and I met up with her good friend Lydia and her mom at a local church for a fall festival. We had never been and weren’t sure how many activities and rides there would be for the girls, but happily there were lots of rides that they could ride and we ended up purchasing an unlimited ride band for them. They loved all the rides they tried!


This picture cracks me up because Elin looks like Pippi Longstocking. She was just so excited she was skipping around and her hair would fly all over the place.




They ended up riding this mini roller coaster several times.


Elin was so excited they had the spinning teacups similar to the ones at Disney.


The girls were so excited to visit the little petting zoo there as well. It amazed me that they had no fear petting all the animals.



The girls had a wonderful time and I was so glad we went.

On Sunday we went to an apple festival and Elin loved spending time with her cousin Max.


They spent a lot of time in the playground area and they loved this little apple photo op.


They also spent a good deal of time picking out the perfect pumpkin. They each got a large pumpkin, a small one, and and a gourd.




Elin and Max a good time playing in a tire full of little pebbles. They dug around in there forever and they got good and filthy, too.





  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! We don’t get any fall weather here so I’m so jealous of the leaves everywhere in these pictures. That picture with Elin’s hair flying around is so cute too!!

  2. WOW looks like a fun weekend!! We went apple picking this past weekend here, and it was great to see all the pumpkins around!! Loving fall!! Elin is looking so grown up in this pictures!

  3. She does look like pippi longstalking! So cute! Both those festivals look perfect for toddlers. I wonder if they have anything similar around here.

  4. OMG, cutest photos EVER!! I am dying over her awesome pigtails! What a cutie pie!!

  5. For some reason your posts haven’t been showing up in my feed. Catching up now! 🙂 I love these pictures of Elin on the rides – she looks like she’s having a blast! Those pigtails – too cute! And she even pet the animals! That’s awesome. Mila loves animals but she won’t get close enough to even consider touching one (aside from our dog, which she happily harasses regularly).

  6. oh my gosh that pippi longstocking photo is absolutely adorable, and hilarious. she looks so happy!

  7. How fun!! These photos are priceless! 🙂