Tinkerbell Birthday Party

This weekend started off not so great with Elin having a bad fall on Friday night, but it ended on a high note with a fun third birthday party for Elin’s friend Lydia.

Elin has been eagerly anticipating her friend Lydia’s 3rd birthday for quite some time. The theme was Tinkerbell and woodland fairies and everything was decorated perfectly.


Each girl had fairy wings waiting for her at the table and Elin was so excited to get hers on right away.



I think this picture is so cute because Elin was telling Lydia all about her eye.


I didn’t get a picture of the food table before the girls had quickly started filling their plates, but you can still see all the cute creative ideas. I especially loved the grape caterpillars, the pretzel twigs, the bark cookies, and the cookie wands.



Then the girls worked on making adorable fairy houses! This was seriously such an adorable craft idea!



Then it was time for candles and cake.



Unfortunately I did not get a good shot of the girls together. Elin was not thrilled that it was time to go so she would not smile. These two girls spend a lot of time together and are such good friends!


Elin was so excited to dig into her goodie bag and play with her wings and wand as soon as we got home.



Didn’t the fairy house turn out so cute?! It was such a fun and creative idea. The pixie dust was another fun take home goodie.  Lydia’s mom, Megan seriously outdid herself with all the attention to detail.



  1. Such a cute party! We are big Tinker Bell fans so this party is right up our alley! Hope Elin didn’t fall too badly 🙁 It’s always so sad when they get hurt.

  2. What an adorable party! Poor peanut! Hope she is feeling better!

  3. Poor Elin. Hopefully she’s feeling better. That party would cheer anyone up though. So many fun ideas there. I swear, girls get all the best parties 😉 I think boys just don’t appreciate the finer details of party planning. Or crafting, for that matter. But I love that fairy house and the wings as party favors.

  4. Oh man that is a super cute party! I really love the fairy houses!

  5. Really cute party, and the girls look adorable in their wings.

  6. Such a sweet party!

    What happened to Elin’s eye? Poor girly!

  7. Oh my lands, cutest party ever! What an adorable idea! Love this!

  8. Aww, poor Elin, hope she’s okay from her fall. I’m sure the party cheered her up though! Love the fairy wings… such a cute idea for a party! Elin looked adorable in her pretty dress and fairy wings!