Frozen on Ice


This little girl was extremely excited this past holiday weekend to go see Disney’s Frozen on Ice! We headed downtown early with Nanny to get dinner and then we headed to the area.

We purchased one over-priced princess wand that Elin loves! It is rather cool and of all the stuff they sold, we thought it would be the most useful.


The wand kept her entertained all during the wait for the show to start and even during the event. She went down to get pictures near the edge of the ice and desperately wanted to get on the ice but understood that she was not allowed.


We were so excited to have pretty awesome seats straight on.

The show started with some special guests performing before the production of Frozen. Elin was happily surprised to see Minnie, Mickey, and all the princesses!



Then it was time for the main show. We went to another Disney ice show last winter that went through many songs and stories and I liked how this show went through the entire movie. Of course the music is great and ever so catchy.





All the set pieces were pretty amazing. We loved the sleigh and the snow monster!



If Frozen on Ice is coming to your area, I highly recommend it. The minute we left, Elin was asking to go back and watch it again! She has looked at all our pictures several times and has been pretending to skate around the house.  


  1. Aww, this is so cute! Frozen on ice is coming here in January and I’ve been trying to talk my husband into taking Odette 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation & cute pics of Elin as always!!

  2. That is SO cool! oh hey literally. ha. I am just so witty. Anyways. I’ve always thought how hard it must be for the masked characters to ice skate with a big ol head on their head. It just kind of baffles me. Besides that it really looks awesome! I’ve never seen any around here. Probably do. Or maybe since we’ve got Disney they don’t think we need it on ice too? Not sure! And that dress is so cute.

  3. How fun! I loved Disney on Ice as a kid. I’m not sure Ez would be into Frozen, but maybe in a few years he’ll appreciate it. That wand made for some great photo ops. So cute 🙂

  4. I love this! Disney on Ice is coming to a local arena in March and tickets go on sale this Friday. I’m hoping I can get tickets to take Mila now that I see this post. Looks like a great time!