My Little Mermaid


This summer Elin has become a huge fan of the water. I almost signed her up for swimming lessons but decided to wait another year. Despite the lack of formal education in aquatics, she has taken it upon her self to learn how to swim better each and every time she gets in the pool.

She swims during the week with her friend Lydia at our neighborhood pool and on the weekends she usually loves to go to her Nanny and Papa’s house.


Can you tell Elin was excited to get to swim with her cousin, Max?


This particular day they enjoyed floating since the water was a little chilly.


I think Elin looks like a little mermaid here. She was checking out a caterpillar and sat up and just sat like this for awhile.


One nice thing about going to Nanny and Papa’s pool is being able to bring Angel along. She enjoys sunning herself on the deck and enjoys the company of everyone around her. I’m glad she can come along and get some extra time with us and outdoors. It is sad though to not be able to bring Fifi along. She loved to sit along the pool as well.


This past weekend Elin got to swim again. She is trying to get in as much time as possible before the pool season is over.


She really learned to swim around the pool a lot without assistance. Of course she had her puddle jumper on, but still I was impressed by how far she has come from earlier in the season. She also has no fear in jumping from the side of the pool into someone’s arms.





  1. Aww, so glad she loves the water! I would like to sign Odette up for swim classes next year too!

  2. She looks like a little model! SO CUTE!

  3. Aww, she does look like a mermaid. So sweet! Still so sad about fifi. Does Angel seem to miss her?

  4. Oh my lands, she is so stinking cute! Mac and Mim just started swim lessons and so far so good! I hope they both love the water this much!