Fall Festivals


This past weekend was the start of hopefully many fall fun activities.

On Saturday Elin, Nanny, and I met up with her good friend Lydia and her mom at a local church for a fall festival. We had never been and weren’t sure how many activities and rides there would be for the girls, but happily there were lots of rides that they could ride and we ended up purchasing an unlimited ride band for them. They loved all the rides they tried!


This picture cracks me up because Elin looks like Pippi Longstocking. She was just so excited she was skipping around and her hair would fly all over the place.




They ended up riding this mini roller coaster several times.


Elin was so excited they had the spinning teacups similar to the ones at Disney.


The girls were so excited to visit the little petting zoo there as well. It amazed me that they had no fear petting all the animals.



The girls had a wonderful time and I was so glad we went.

On Sunday we went to an apple festival and Elin loved spending time with her cousin Max.


They spent a lot of time in the playground area and they loved this little apple photo op.


They also spent a good deal of time picking out the perfect pumpkin. They each got a large pumpkin, a small one, and and a gourd.




Elin and Max a good time playing in a tire full of little pebbles. They dug around in there forever and they got good and filthy, too.




Tinkerbell Birthday Party

This weekend started off not so great with Elin having a bad fall on Friday night, but it ended on a high note with a fun third birthday party for Elin’s friend Lydia.

Elin has been eagerly anticipating her friend Lydia’s 3rd birthday for quite some time. The theme was Tinkerbell and woodland fairies and everything was decorated perfectly.


Each girl had fairy wings waiting for her at the table and Elin was so excited to get hers on right away.



I think this picture is so cute because Elin was telling Lydia all about her eye.


I didn’t get a picture of the food table before the girls had quickly started filling their plates, but you can still see all the cute creative ideas. I especially loved the grape caterpillars, the pretzel twigs, the bark cookies, and the cookie wands.



Then the girls worked on making adorable fairy houses! This was seriously such an adorable craft idea!



Then it was time for candles and cake.



Unfortunately I did not get a good shot of the girls together. Elin was not thrilled that it was time to go so she would not smile. These two girls spend a lot of time together and are such good friends!


Elin was so excited to dig into her goodie bag and play with her wings and wand as soon as we got home.



Didn’t the fairy house turn out so cute?! It was such a fun and creative idea. The pixie dust was another fun take home goodie.  Lydia’s mom, Megan seriously outdid herself with all the attention to detail.


Frozen on Ice


This little girl was extremely excited this past holiday weekend to go see Disney’s Frozen on Ice! We headed downtown early with Nanny to get dinner and then we headed to the area.

We purchased one over-priced princess wand that Elin loves! It is rather cool and of all the stuff they sold, we thought it would be the most useful.


The wand kept her entertained all during the wait for the show to start and even during the event. She went down to get pictures near the edge of the ice and desperately wanted to get on the ice but understood that she was not allowed.


We were so excited to have pretty awesome seats straight on.

The show started with some special guests performing before the production of Frozen. Elin was happily surprised to see Minnie, Mickey, and all the princesses!



Then it was time for the main show. We went to another Disney ice show last winter that went through many songs and stories and I liked how this show went through the entire movie. Of course the music is great and ever so catchy.





All the set pieces were pretty amazing. We loved the sleigh and the snow monster!



If Frozen on Ice is coming to your area, I highly recommend it. The minute we left, Elin was asking to go back and watch it again! She has looked at all our pictures several times and has been pretending to skate around the house.  

My Little Mermaid


This summer Elin has become a huge fan of the water. I almost signed her up for swimming lessons but decided to wait another year. Despite the lack of formal education in aquatics, she has taken it upon her self to learn how to swim better each and every time she gets in the pool.

She swims during the week with her friend Lydia at our neighborhood pool and on the weekends she usually loves to go to her Nanny and Papa’s house.


Can you tell Elin was excited to get to swim with her cousin, Max?


This particular day they enjoyed floating since the water was a little chilly.


I think Elin looks like a little mermaid here. She was checking out a caterpillar and sat up and just sat like this for awhile.


One nice thing about going to Nanny and Papa’s pool is being able to bring Angel along. She enjoys sunning herself on the deck and enjoys the company of everyone around her. I’m glad she can come along and get some extra time with us and outdoors. It is sad though to not be able to bring Fifi along. She loved to sit along the pool as well.


This past weekend Elin got to swim again. She is trying to get in as much time as possible before the pool season is over.


She really learned to swim around the pool a lot without assistance. Of course she had her puddle jumper on, but still I was impressed by how far she has come from earlier in the season. She also has no fear in jumping from the side of the pool into someone’s arms.